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Corner to Corner crochet Video

I am absolutely massive fan of this technique.  It’s my go to for any project, so I’ve decided to share a little tutorial with you.

I first tried this technique when I made one of the squares from the Repeatcrafterme site – a Father Christmas Head, which I made one of, but really I should turn it into a cushion cover.

After this – I was absolutely hooked.  It’s so easy to do, and the textures it produces are beautiful.

It’s absolutely brilliant to use to with self striping yarn too.  The yarn above is Boho Spirit from Snufflebean Yarn.  Its gorgeous, so so soft too.

I made the small blanket (If you read the post – you’ll understand why it’s called this) Merry go around by Stylecraft.


I made 2 baby blankets, A rainbow one, and a black and white one.

I also made a charity blanket, for sixty million trebles too….. and you’ve guessed it – C2C.

My biggest achievement C2C wise I think is the beast known as the The Harry Potter Blanket.

I learnt so so much about colour changing with this project.

So, here are just a few of the projects I’ve made with corner to corner that I’ve already told you about, I have so many more ready to type up, and photograph.

But for now – here is a little video – super slow for beginners to show you all how to do C2C.



slow beginners video tutorial C2C crochet

slow beginners video tutorial C2C crochet
Beginners C2C video, how to corner to corner for complete beginners.  Slow Video
C2C video tutorial - slow for beginners

10 thoughts on “Corner to Corner crochet Video

  1. Hi! I was wondering what yarn you used in the very first picture of the post? The dark rainbow colors. Thanks!! And thanks for your wonderful blog with so many beautiful C2C samples!

    1. Where I do the reducing bit (slip stitching to move the wool back) you only do this on one side of the square. The other side you’d carry on with your chain 6 and working 3 dc’s in the chain

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