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Rainbow blanket

I’ve been gone for too long…… no excuse other than busy busy busy with the children in the holidays and just life in general. Can you tell the kids are back at school today?

I have a project to share with you…… one I made a while ago, but as it was for a gift I didn’t want to share too much in advance.

If you follow my FB page you’ll had had some sneak previews….. well of the yarn anyway!

So an old university/ college friend from all those years ago……. got in touch.  (I still send her a Christmas card every year but via her parents house as I had no idea where she lived!)

She asked if I’d make her a rainbow blanket, for her soon to be born baby.  “Of course” and duly went to the yarn shop…….(Any excuse!)


Good old Stylecraft Special DK.  I love this yarn.  So soft, but cheap and completely washable which is required for baby blanket (having been there myself a few years ago!)

To the design – a rainbow – but what type?  This is where my drawing skills completely let me down.  I might be able to create in wool, thread, clay even…… but pen and paper and it leaves a lot to desired!

IMG_5116 IMG_5115

We went for the stripy one…… Blanket was started and taken pretty much everywhere with me!  The car, ballet lessons…….  With a due date of mid July, but probably earlier I needed to get cracking (this while making my yarn bomb fairies too!)

IMG_5258 IMG_5230 IMG_5260The odd mishap when you don’t concentrate….

IMG_5591 IMG_5590And then all of a sudden you realise you are nearly done!

IMG_5596But you need to sew in all those ends….


So one finished blanket, sent to a friend in time for the birth of her little boy.


You will need:

4mm hook

Stylecraft Special DK  yarn







To Make:

Use the basic C2C technique, making 3 rows of each colour in a Standard rainbow order – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

48 rows wide

66 rows long

Corner to Corner – watch this handy video to show you how to do it.

rainbow crochet blanket IMG_7729-1 IMG_7733-2 IMG_7734-4


crochet rainbow blanket free pattern
Rainbow blanket free pattern, crochet rainbow baby blanket

10 thoughts on “Rainbow blanket

  1. Hi,
    2 questions: 1) Do you have a video for this beautiful afghan?
    2) How long did it take you to make the afghan?

    This could be a Wedding gift for my cousin who will be joined to her new husband on September 17th. All my children are grown up, so I have some time on my hands.


    1. Edit: – I have a video now – it’s on the crochet basics tab.

      Hi, I don’t have a video but Mikey from the crochet crowd does! It’s a C2c afghan if you search for that you’ll find it! I did 3 rows in each colour before changing yarn. It’s pretty quick to make as you do it on the diagonal so when you get to the size you want each row is shorter = quicker! This one was for a baby sop retry quick- for grown ups/ adults / depends on the size! Let me know if you make one? Vicki

    1. As it’s worked on the diagnol, then you get to 48 blocks wide (so just count the blocks along the bottom), then start reducing one side only, until you get the 66 rows long, then reduce both sides together.

  2. Hi 👋 I love this rainbow 🌈 blanket, what are the measurements in inches please and how many balls of each colour wool were needed . Thank you x

    1. Hi Michelle,

      The yarn would have been about a ball each – maybe one of the colours was 2 balls but no more than that. The finished size would have been normal pushchair / stroller sized – 30x 35 inches (76 x 90 cm). Thanks Vicki

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