Hello, welcome to my pattern page.  This is a handy section of my blog where you can easily look and see what else you’d like to make that I have designed and actually typed up!  There are lots sat in my notebooks, waiting for the time needed to type them all up!  Check out my Instagram feed if you want to see what I’m up too!

Percy the Mini Pumpkin - It's definitely feeling like Summer is over, that is if it ever really began!  We had a hugely hot June, … Read More Percy the Mini Pumpkin
Echinaeca -   Yes - This amazing flower!  I love them!  I've bought many a plant over the years for my garden, … Read More Echinaeca
Cosy Plant Pot Pattern - OK...... so this is something I've been wanting to make for a while, so I thought on this very dull, … Read More Cosy Plant Pot Pattern
Violet the Unicorn – the pattern -   Unveiling the new soft toy design..........I've finally received the message I'd been waiting for.  A lady who'd been pattern … Read More Violet the Unicorn – the pattern
Crescent Moon Crochet Necklace - I've been so busy designing things lately its crazy to think that I've made.  I finished my jumper, which was … Read More Crescent Moon Crochet Necklace
Crochet Easter Egg Bunnies - I've been a busy little bee, making and designing lots of things, then getting distracted and not typing anything up! … Read More Crochet Easter Egg Bunnies
St Patricks day Shamrock - It was St Patricks day yesterday, so in its honour, it was only fair for me to pick up some … Read More St Patricks day Shamrock
Spiral Rose Hair Bobbles - I'm super lucky to have a little girl, and even luckier that she is a proper girly girl!    Remember … Read More Spiral Rose Hair Bobbles
Cable cuffs - A while I ago, I had a go at dyeing some yarn, and told you all about it in a … Read More Cable cuffs
Crochet Squares and Diamonds - Finally a little bit of blue can be seen in the sky here in England.  It's been a cold rainy … Read More Crochet Squares and Diamonds


5 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. I would like the pattern for the blue mermaid blanket please. I like the way it looks better than the other pattern I have. I am making several for Christmas presents as I have 26 grand children. Thank you I will be making the shark blanket for my Grandsons.

    1. You just have to do the same as you’ve done for every other one – what did you do on row 11? e.g. if if was the 2nd row of DC’s, row 12 would be the Dc, CH 1, DC, all the way round. If you still need help let me know, Vicki

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