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A Purple Wavy Flower

I was emailing chatting to my new penpal in Australia, Louise from Red Haired Amazona, about flowers.  She mentioned about a wavy flower, and while I love crocheting roses – I made a good few in the last couple of weeks so thought I’d try something new! I remember making a wavy flower by accident… Read More A Purple Wavy Flower


A Mermaid Tail

My little girl and I have been poorly all week, no work or school for us, but a bonus was that I was told to rest…… so what better way to rest than to crochet! My daughter had seen the mermaid tail blankets and expressed a liking to them “Mummy, I want one of those!”… Read More A Mermaid Tail


The school cake sale

It’s my children’s school cake sale today – make any cakes you want – donate them and they spend the proceeds in the school.  Sounds easy…….. I usually make what I call a standard cupcake – iced with butter icing (or frosting to some), and made to look a bit pretty. This time – after… Read More The school cake sale


Yet another hat……

It seems all I’ve been doing lately is playing with lovely mercerised cotton – specifically the Yarnart Begona – which I have to say is amazing to work with! After that hat, and then the other hat, I decided to play with the brim yet again.  In the original wonderful pictures of the hats, and… Read More Yet another hat……