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I think I’ve cracked it – that hat and the brim! (Russian Cloche/ Panama)

It seems all I’m doing lately is playing around with hats and brims, but I’m so excited to share with you this version of the brim (and it looks exactly like the ones in those photos!). So excited in fact I couldn’t wait for my model to get back from school – so here it… Read More I think I’ve cracked it – that hat and the brim! (Russian Cloche/ Panama)


Yet another hat……

It seems all I’ve been doing lately is playing with lovely mercerised cotton – specifically the Yarnart Begona – which I have to say is amazing to work with! After that hat, and then the other hat, I decided to play with the brim yet again.  In the original wonderful pictures of the hats, and… Read More Yet another hat……

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The 'Other Hat'

A couple of weeks ago I made ‘that hat’ – you know the one, the wonderful facebook pictures of the little girl wearing wondering summer hats, very intricate and covered in beautiful flowers and beads.  You can see how I did it here with the help of Louise’s post. Then I decided to try the other one,… Read More The 'Other Hat'



I have to admit that I love this time of year.  From the depths of winter when its cold and dark, finally the UK seems to be waking up! I’m a morning person, or a lark – which you might discover from the time most of my blog entries will be made.  I get up… Read More Sunrises

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That hat!!!!!

I’d seen the hat photos on facebook a few weeks ago and ignored them – too tricky and not right for our current UK climate – you know the ones….. Then a couple of days ago a good friend challenged me to make one, one friend I could ignore, then two others pipped up on… Read More That hat!!!!!


A walk in the woods

Bright and early on a Sunday morning we went ‘number hunting’ and scavenger hunting with the dogs.  We lost the scavenger hunt piece of paper within minutes and had to trek over a stream to retrieve it, and the promptly forgot we were supposed to be collecting things as climbing trees and stomping in muddy… Read More A walk in the woods