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The V Stitch kids hat and cowl

  It’s no shock to all my friends that I love my hat – the one I made a few months ago (and wrote up on my old blog – but forgot to copy over to this new site…….. until this morning!!!!!  Queue 2 posts pretty close together…..) I decided the pink one needed one… Read More The V Stitch kids hat and cowl

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A New Hat for Me

I know – hard to believe it!  I made something for me for once. Jolly old England has been mighty chilly this week.  We had a small (and I mean small) dusting of snow, which completely caught us unaware.  So the wood burner was lit! The blue one even built  a snowman (yes – that… Read More A New Hat for Me


Yet another hat……

It seems all I’ve been doing lately is playing with lovely mercerised cotton – specifically the Yarnart Begona – which I have to say is amazing to work with! After that hat, and then the other hat, I decided to play with the brim yet again.  In the original wonderful pictures of the hats, and… Read More Yet another hat……

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The 'Other Hat'

A couple of weeks ago I made ‘that hat’ – you know the one, the wonderful facebook pictures of the little girl wearing wondering summer hats, very intricate and covered in beautiful flowers and beads.  You can see how I did it here with the help of Louise’s post. Then I decided to try the other one,… Read More The 'Other Hat'