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The Mermaid Tail Pattern

Wow – what a whirlwind few days! Blog land is keeping me very busy (not what I’d planned for at the beginning of the 6 week school holidays). Thank you to everyone who’s liked my blog and my shark pattern since I published a picture of it back in April, then finally found the time to type… Read More The Mermaid Tail Pattern

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Triangle Bunting

I was going camping and needed some bunting.  I know what your say….. “Who needs bunting on a tent?” Well I did.  Luckily my friend had bought some of amazon, along with these lovely little twinkling fairy lights.  Our tents looked seriously cool! So I digress, Bunting of the crochet variety was in order, which… Read More Triangle Bunting

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A Parallel Universe?

I wasn’t going to write anything today – but it’s been such an extraordinary day I can’t resist. I woke up this morning and carried out my usual task of walking the dogs at 6am. ¬†Another car was parked where I normally park in the completely empty car park, but I didn’t really think anything… Read More A Parallel Universe?

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Yarnbombing the local town (Unfortunately not by me!)!

I am very lucky to live in a part of the UK that loves Crochet and Yarn. ¬†Last year the local college about 3 miles down the road had a Yarn Festival called …. wait for it….. Festiwool! Did I go – I hear you ask? Well I bought the tickets, arranged with a friend… Read More Yarnbombing the local town (Unfortunately not by me!)!