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Cygnet Seriously Chunky Metallics – Yarn review

It’s not a surprise to anyone to discover that I like love chunky yarn.    Why? Well it’s because you can make something super quickly! I think I’m fundamentally a lazy crafter, give me a 10 or 12 mm hook and some nice thick yarn and I’ll be super happy.  I think this is part… Read More Cygnet Seriously Chunky Metallics – Yarn review

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A Cardigan in under 9 hours

Do you ever get to the point with crochet that you really want to make something that quick, straight forward, and someone else has done the hard work for you? I love designing things, but sometimes sat down on the sofa with note books, pencils, and scribbles absolutely everywhere and ‘frogging’ happening every row can… Read More A Cardigan in under 9 hours

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Raindrop the Unicorn backpack

It had to be done.  The Pink one loves unicorns, I mean she’s absolutely besotted with them.  After Violet the Unicorn made an appearance in our house, I had another bright idea! What every little girl needs is a bag, and a striking bag at that!  Thinking cap on, and a new wool delivery later,… Read More Raindrop the Unicorn backpack