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Pumpkin fever

As I said in my last post, I’m a little bit obsessed by pumpkins currently.  It the most autumnal thing, along with the leaves turning and the berries appearing in the hedgerows that mean the end of summer (Although we’re having a super hot day of 25 degrees C today, and the sun is shining).… Read More Pumpkin fever


The Granny Pop Bag

Hello, So I finally finished my bag!  Want to see it? Made just out of granny squares, it’s even been out for a few outings already too – you can read about the making process here! So the last time you saw it, it was waiting patiently for a delivery from the postman. Namely, the… Read More The Granny Pop Bag

Crochet Basics

What is crochet blocking?

I’m like most people, I learned to crochet and suddenly all these new words and techniques have popped up. Today I’m tackling “Blocking”.  You’ll probably read a lot of patterns that will say “block your item”  or “block your squares to x size”. So what exactly does this really mean? Basically its exactly the same… Read More What is crochet blocking?