Hello, welcome to my pattern page.  This is a handy section of my blog where you can easily look and see what else you’d like to make that I have designed and actually typed up!  There are lots sat in my notebooks, waiting for the time needed to type them all up, lets just say I’m more of a maker than a typer!  Check out my Instagram feed if you want to see what I’m up too!

Hamble Wrist Warmers
c2c heart cushion
Love It Cushion
Doughnut Floor Cushion
Crochet Now Issue 37
The Quirrell Scarf
Crochet Now Issue 36
Festive Fun Crochet Christmas Stocking
Whirlette Wonders Infinity Cowl
Free poppy patterns
Simply Crochet issue 77
Pumpkin fever
Pete the 30 minute/ 1 ball Pumpkin
Sunflower Applique Pattern
Crochet Sofa Arm Cover Pattern
The Crochet Bike Basket Pattern
The heatwave and a crochet glass cover
Large crochet bumble Bee Pattern
Raindrop the Unicorn backpack
Percy the Mini Pumpkin
Cosy Plant Pot Pattern
Violet the Unicorn – the pattern
Crescent Moon Crochet Necklace
Crochet Easter Egg Bunnies
St Patricks day Shamrock
Spiral Rose Hair Bobbles
Cable cuffs
Crochet Squares and Diamonds
The V Stitch kids hat and cowl
A quick and easy dog coat
Doing a Good Deed- Premature Baby hats
The Shark Pattern – an Update to Video links
Eaten by an Alligator
The Mermaid Tail Pattern
Triangle Bunting
Eaten by a Shark – The pattern …. finally
A scientific study of the Russian Spiral Crochet hat (and The Movie)
Super Chunky Granny Square Bag
A Purple Wavy Flower
I think I’ve cracked it – that hat and the brim! (Russian Cloche/ Panama)

5 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. I would like the pattern for the blue mermaid blanket please. I like the way it looks better than the other pattern I have. I am making several for Christmas presents as I have 26 grand children. Thank you I will be making the shark blanket for my Grandsons.

    1. You just have to do the same as you’ve done for every other one – what did you do on row 11? e.g. if if was the 2nd row of DC’s, row 12 would be the Dc, CH 1, DC, all the way round. If you still need help let me know, Vicki

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