You can find anything crafty here that I might of been up to – not including the crochet…. that has its only page!


Craft number 3 ……… Hand Spinning - Friday saw the turn of craft number 3 being attempted - hand spinning! Calligraphy and Macrame are both great fun, … Read More Craft number 3 ……… Hand Spinning
Rock Painting - It's half term in the UK this week - and as predicted the weather has been horrible!  It's cold, rainy, … Read More Rock Painting
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A quick and easy Crochet Christmas wreath - I'm getting a bit addicted to wreaths, or all shapes and sizes! I love the "real ones" and made one … Read More A quick and easy Crochet Christmas wreath
Christmas Wreath Making - I took a little time out from crochet this week to have a go at making a wreath.  It was … Read More Christmas Wreath Making
Yarn and Colours - Who else here enters all these competitions on social media, longing to win, but then with the other thousands of … Read More Yarn and Colours
A little declutter - It had to be done....... my craft trolley was bursting at the seams! My very understanding husband had been dropping … Read More A little declutter
The knitting and stitching show - I've never been before would you believe it?  Only 45 minutes away.... and every year I've sort of missed it. … Read More The knitting and stitching show
Too Creative? - I've come to the conclusion I'm a bit too creative.    I know - shocker! I'm sat here, deciding what I … Read More Too Creative?
Lino Print workshop - This is one of those posts I've been meaning to write for a long time.  I thought that as the … Read More Lino Print workshop
Glass workshop - I went on this brilliant workshop a couple of weeks ago, designing, cutting and making glass pendants. I'm not really … Read More Glass workshop
Crochet Easter Egg Bunnies - I've been a busy little bee, making and designing lots of things, then getting distracted and not typing anything up! … Read More Crochet Easter Egg Bunnies
Spiral Rose Hair Bobbles - I'm super lucky to have a little girl, and even luckier that she is a proper girly girl!    Remember … Read More Spiral Rose Hair Bobbles
Bursting with Creativity - Back in January when I asked about reliving old projects or getting on with new ones I set myself a … Read More Bursting with Creativity
Cable cuffs - A while I ago, I had a go at dyeing some yarn, and told you all about it in a … Read More Cable cuffs
I really must not start anything else………. - Until I've finished what I have started! Yep - I think we've all said that at one time or another! … Read More I really must not start anything else……….
An Owl Cushion - My 2 year old niece loves owls!  Any excuse for me to make something!  Her mum made her a fab … Read More An Owl Cushion
Superhero Day - I'm a bit late posting this, the actual day was back in November but hey....... For Children in Need this … Read More Superhero Day
New Years Resolutions - I sat down to write this blog about an hour ago (Honestly , ok, over 2 hours ago).  I thought … Read More New Years Resolutions
The Harry Potter Blanket – Part 1 - So this has been a mission this blanket, to say the least, and this square was a real pain for a … Read More The Harry Potter Blanket – Part 1
Crochet Squares and Diamonds - Finally a little bit of blue can be seen in the sky here in England.  It's been a cold rainy … Read More Crochet Squares and Diamonds
Unicorns - The pink one is obsessed with unicorns.  Everything has to about unicorns.  T-shirts, toys you name it!  She even asked … Read More Unicorns
My yarn bombing journey – Part 2 - I'm lucky to be involved in the local yarn bombing event in a local churchyard.  I'd seen it last year … Read More My yarn bombing journey – Part 2
My yarn bombing journey – part 1 - As I'm typing this I'm very proud to say "I'm part of an art installation (Yarn Bomb!) in a local … Read More My yarn bombing journey – part 1
A Serial Project Starter - Yep - that's me.  I seem to keep starting things... and then not finishing them!  Sound familiar? So I started … Read More A Serial Project Starter
World Book Day - Today is that day that parents run for cover and try to hide on.... or they embrace it completely....... World … Read More World Book Day
A very cold dog walk - So this morning I was supposed to be crocheting, and writing up a pattern, maybe making a video or two, … Read More A very cold dog walk
How time flies - I seem to have blinked and now we are almost 2 weeks into the new year.  I'd wanted to do … Read More How time flies
A New Hat for Me - I know - hard to believe it!  I made something for me for once. Jolly old England has been mighty … Read More A New Hat for Me
Playing with clay, amusing the kids and making a yarn bowl - I've looked over my photos from the previous week, and boy have I been busy with little projects. The garden … Read More Playing with clay, amusing the kids and making a yarn bowl