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This is one of those posts that I’ve wanted to do since getting home… and has been put on the back burner….. due to that thing that seems to disappear without trace – TIME When we were in Thailand – flying back via Singapore airport they had a wonderful display of tulips.  On further inspection… Read More Tulips

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My first visit to Kew Gardens

Today we went to Kew Botanical Gardens. I’ve always wanted to go – and it was lovely there.   It’s English Spring time – so not a huge amount in flower apart from Tulips, Magnolia, Rhododendrons and Blossom – it was still beautiful. Rather than a load of words – here some pictures.

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Spring, a cheeky chook and sneaky peak and the 'Other hat'

This week has flown by, I remember sitting here at this silly hour of the morning sharing my sunrises lat week while the house slept…. and here I am again!  Monty and Luna (who I still need to introduce) have been walked, and I’m sat in my (what is turning in usual) Saturday morning spot… Read More Spring, a cheeky chook and sneaky peak and the 'Other hat'