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Rock Painting

It’s half term in the UK this week – and as predicted the weather has been horrible!  It’s cold, rainy, and still dark a lot of the time. Little people have needed to be amused, so yesterday saw us painting rocks.  I say us, they both started, got bored, so I carried on! Its not… Read More Rock Painting

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Superhero Day

I’m a bit late posting this, the actual day was back in November but hey……. For Children in Need this year our school had the theme of Superheros.  Mission for Mummy to make 2 costumes for 2 little people. Every superhero needs a cape, and this was accomplished with the help of Pinterest of course!… Read More Superhero Day

Craft, kids, sewing


The pink one is obsessed with unicorns.  Everything has to about unicorns.  T-shirts, toys you name it!  She even asked Father Christmas for “A real alive unicorn” which she didn’t receive, however she did have a lovely letter from the man himself explaining that unicorns are so special they need to stay with him, and… Read More Unicorns

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A bit absent lately…… Then the Great British Bake Off????

Hola, as they say in Spain!  So the wedding was brilliant – more photos will come in a separate post – I need to do it justice really (and ask my Sis if I can post pictures!). A whirlwind weekend, then we ditched the yucky UK weather and headed to Lanzarote….. Sunshine, and a pool… Read More A bit absent lately…… Then the Great British Bake Off????