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The Shark Pattern – an Update to Video links

The number of people looking at my blog post on the Shark still amazes me, as I type this I’ve had over 100000 hits on that page alone,  and they come from pretty much everywhere in the world! A few people have asked for videos, of which I made a few already – but  I’m… Read More The Shark Pattern – an Update to Video links

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Eaten by an Alligator

The interest in my shark has been amazing.  I’ll still incredibly overwhelmed by how many people have been making my shark.  It makes me very proud to have come up with an idea and write out a pattern. If you remember, the shark came about because my son wanted a mermaid tail….type thing, and so… Read More Eaten by an Alligator

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The Mermaid Tail Pattern

Wow – what a whirlwind few days! Blog land is keeping me very busy (not what I’d planned for at the beginning of the 6 week school holidays). Thank you to everyone who’s liked my blog and my shark pattern since I published a picture of it back in April, then finally found the time to type… Read More The Mermaid Tail Pattern