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New craft number 7

I had a super busy week last week, 2 new crafts in one week!  Magic loop knitting, which I have tried to pick up again, I’ve cast on some socks by Winwick Mum who’s got the most amazing blog with a sockalong – so much information, but I’m yet to pick them up again.  I… Read More New craft number 7

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Rock Painting

It’s half term in the UK this week – and as predicted the weather has been horrible!  It’s cold, rainy, and still dark a lot of the time. Little people have needed to be amused, so yesterday saw us painting rocks.  I say us, they both started, got bored, so I carried on! Its not… Read More Rock Painting

12 New Crafts, Craft, handmade

Learning a new craft – Number 2 for 2018

I’ve been super busy and super secretive too…… learning Macrame! New skill number 2 – tick and it’s only January!  (Number one was calligraphy – read about it here) I know – very retro, but also very in too! It’s super addictive too when you get going, and pretty quick to get results. The downside… Read More Learning a new craft – Number 2 for 2018