Hello, thanks for stopping by to my little world which seems to contain a lot of crochet!

I’m lucky enough to be a ‘mostly stay at home’ mummy and wife to my 2 children and husband. We live in Hertfordshire in the UK, and I spend my days crocheting, gardening, and helping at my children’s school. We have 2 lurchers called Monty and Luna, and 3 chickens! I was a scientist in my previous career before children, so could be described as a bit of a geek too!


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        1. Hi, There should be a follow me / bloglovin / emails sign up box on one side of my blog. Just enter your details in there. Glad you like reading what I’m up too! Vicki

  1. Oooh yes please a knitting pattern. I’m desperate to learn to crochet ever since seeing some amigrumi at the Alexandra Palace knitting & stitching show last October. But finding the time and the right course is another thing. I tried one but it was only 2 hours and for a knitter using 1 needle getting to grips with it …. well lets just say I needed more than 2 hours!!!

    1. I have started teaching crochet too! Have successfully managed to get 5 novices make a granny square or 2 in 2 hours! I did a blog entry on it! Are you local to me if you went to Alexandra Palace?

  2. When can we get a printable pattern of shark blanket. I would like to make these for my Grandchildren for Chritmas

  3. Hello!
    I absolutely love the mermaid tail pattern and thinking of making it myself. Do you have a tutorial video on how to make it, I sometimes struggle reading crochet patterns?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi, I haven’t got one for the mermaid but I do for the shark and it’s exactly the same – just don’t do the jaws! If you click on patterns and then the shark tail finally – all links should be in there. Happy Christmas!

  4. I’m trying to make the “Eaten By An Alligator” cacoon. This is my first time making one of these. I found the pattern on Raverly and I have some questions. 1. How do you determine the sizes which are listed: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8? 2. For USA do you use the size G hook for everything execpt the teeth, eyes? I hope I’m not being a pain but any help would be greatly apperciated!

    1. Hi, the sizes are all worked out on the size of the child (luckily I have 2 models of the sizes for me at home!). Yes – everything is done with the 7mm hook apart from the white and black bit of the eyes. I know the USA don’t have a 7mm hook – so if you want it bigger use the one up, or slightly smaller use the one one size down. Happy Christmas, Vicki

  5. hi love the mermaid tail blanket. was wondering at what point do i stop slip stitching the rounds and just continue on to finish the blanket. in the picture i notice it is not connected all the way to the top. thanks

    1. Hi, my blanket is done as a whole cylinder all the way up, you could stop probably about a third of the way up the height and work as rows.

  6. Hi, I have just purchased the Eaten by an Alligator pattern. Please could you tell me what size of hook is needed for the tail and body section as it doesn’t say on the pattern. Thank you

    1. Hi, it’s a 7mm hook for the everything apart from the white and black of the eyes! The copy I uploaded says it on it – but the ravelry one seems not to bizarrely! Thanks. Vicki

  7. Hi I’m trying to work the eaten by an alligator pattern But i am not understanding the part that says ss over to the top of the ch3 Does that mean slip stitch in the top of my ch3???? or slip stitch on the side to get to top of chain 3?? any help would be welcome Thanks

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