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2020 – A year of making

When 2020 arrived, it was a year I was going to do so much.

Roll on 12 months and the world has changed completely. We’ve been in lockdown, out of lockdown, allowed to meet friends, not allowed to meet friends, not allowed to meet more than 6 people. We are back in lockdown currently as I type this – with a message of Stay at home.

You’d have thought that with all this extra time on my hands I’d of been super creative. I wasn’t! Well not as much as I’d hoped to have been! I don’t think I picked up a hook for months, and well the pattern writing up just went out of the window!

(Edit – after typing this post…….. it appears I was creative!)

I published 14 new free patterns on the blog

I ran a 13 week Crochet-a-long.

3 designs were published in Simply Crochet Magazine

5 designs in Crochet Now magazine

I had 4 designs published with Cygnet Yarns


Well I kind of didn’t write anything up! No blog posts no nothing! But I was making!

Free granny square blanket pattern

But I was still running workshops, Corner to Corner, arm knitting, crochet necklaces, and teaching kids to crochet in school.


I started typing it would seem!!

This saw me finally publish The Norton Scarf.

Norton scarf - free crochet pattern

The Waves Blanket was published for Cygnet Yarns

Chenille blanket, waves, Cygent yarns chunky chenille. Free crochet blanket pattern

And I made the Front Cover of Crochet Now with my Hexilove blanket

Hexi-love blanket crochet pattern Crochet Now 53 magazine
Photo used with kind permission from Practical Publishing

And I was still teaching…….


March kicked off the with The No Brainer Cal.

No brainer Cal - free crochet pattern

A super quick and Scumptious make was next…..

Super quick crochet blanket pattern

Oh and a broken femur for the pink one 1 week before lockdown!

Then National Lockdown. Rainbows and clapping for the NHS.

Free crochet rainbow pattern.  No sew.


Easter….. so a dinky little rabbit

crochet rabbit, free crochet pattern.

And Easter egg hunt baskets that were so quick to make:

easter egg hunt baskets free crochet pattern.

And a new blanket pattern for Cygnet Yarns in the best baby yarn!

Free baby blanket crochet pattern.
big knit crochet hat patterns

I released 2 more designs for the Innocent Drinks Age Concern campaign – The Big Knit.

crochet duck hat - the big knit innocent drinks
unicorn big knit hat crochet pattern


I finally typed up the Tumblebee pattern that I made for the pink one in year 2 (she’s now year 6!)

free crochet bee pattern

And I published a video on my YouTube Channel for how to Continuous Join Granny Squares……. just in time for joining for the No Brainer Cal.

CJAYG granny squares how to


Another free pattern – the Handy Stair basket (Homeschooling and the amount of things migrating around the house was obviously playing a part here)!

oval crochet basket free crochet pattern

And then my lockdown project was finally finished. The Hexirainbow Blanket.

hexagon crochet - free pattern,


The Borlotto Shawl was tested and released.

Borlotto shawl free crochet pattern.

My Little Lemon Pot covers were published in Crochet Now Magazine

Little lemon pot covers, crochet now magazine 58
Photo used with kind permission of Practical Publishing


Wearing masks was now standard – and peoples ears were hurting. So I designed some mask mates and made loads of them!

Crochet ear savers mask mates free crochet pattern

I designed a quick bookmark too

spiral rose bookmark, free crochet pattern.

And of course – Granny Square day – where my design was published in Simply Crochets 100 Granny squares.

Sunrise granny square granysquareday2020

Crochet Now issue 59 was published, and it had my mini turtle keyrings design in it.

crochet turtle keyring
Photo used with kind permission of Practical Publishing

And my toucan cushion design

toucan crochet cushion
Photo used with kind permission from Practical Publishing


The schools finally went back after 6 months off.

And my Blanket scarf design was published in Simply Crochet Issue 101.

blanket scarf - crochet pattern, starburst granny squares

And Issue 60 of Crochet Now Magazine saw my Grape and Bobbles cushion published.

crochet cushion cover pattern, bobble / puff stitch
Photo used with permission from Practical Publishing

Then a monster make – the 1 ball rainbow mini granny square blanket……. my word the ends!

rainbow blanket, free crochet pattern. one rainbow ball.


And a chance to revisit my free poppy patterns.

Free crochet poppy patterns.

And I finally got to teach a workshop………. before we were in lockdown again!

quick and easy crochet pumpkin pattern


I got to play with some great new yarn from Cygnet, and tried my hand at Colour pooling – and cracked it!

colour pooling crochet Cygnet pure baby prints

A super quick make was next – and properly festive.

crochet bauble bunting, festive make, free pattern.


My final blog post of 2020 – a new hat and scarf set for Cygnet Yarns. This one I started April 2019….. and forgot about it!

watercolour scarf and hat set, free crochet patterns,

So there we have it 2020, the year a lot of us would like to forget!

So 2021…… what does it have in store for me?

Well more designs lined up for Crochet Now and Simply Crochet magazines.

More designs to blog about and publish here.

The aim of writing up all these patterns ⬇️ crochet garments

Let’s just say, 2021 is going to be the year of clothing for me!

Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. Wow! That’s RIDICULOUSLY productive! So many beautiful makes!!! Having to work from home during lockdown had the opposite effect on my crochet! I could hardly get anything done 🙁
    I realised I missed your sweet little piggy pattern. He looks adorable!

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