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Festive Bauble Bunting

Who fancies a super quick festive make?

I did!

I’d had a lot of part balls of some super chunky yarn, so I grabbed them, and my hook, and had a little play!

Quick crochet bauble bunting free pattern

This is super duper quick, it might be helped by the huge hook size too, but we’ll ignore that.

Even better – I didn’t have any ends to sew in either – as I used them to stuff the baubles!

crochet bauble bunting, quick make. free pattern

I made a few, and they are very festoony like… then I made some more!

super quick crocheting bauble bunting festoon. free crochet pattern.

The yarn, made with one of my favourite super chunkys – which you can read all about here.

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Crochet bauble bunting (festoons).  Quick and easy make, free crochet pattern

To make the bunting

You will need:

8 mm crochet hook

Cygnet seriously Chunky Metallics in Lithium, Colbat, Gold and Platinum.

Hints and tips

You are working using amigurumi to make the baubles.

Ensure all ends are stuffed into the baubles.

You will need a stitch marker (somewhere safe) to store the string of baubles, as you add to it as you go.

Pattern (USA terms)

With the platinum yarn and the 8 mm hook, ch 20.

Add a stitch marker to the last ch, and pick up the Colbalt yarn.


Make a magic ring, 4 sc in the ring.

Round 2: 2 sc in each [8 sc]

Round 3: 2 sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next – repeat around [12sc]

Round 4-5: 1 sc in each st around.

Round 6: 2sctog, 1 sc – repeat around. [8sc] ensure the end is in the middle of the bauble.

Round 7 2 sctog [4sc]. Make last YO using platiumin. Cut off a long end of the bauble colour and stuff inside.

Round 8: 1sc in each. [4sc]

Round 9: 1 sc in the st opposite where your hook is.


ch 10, remove hook and make another bauble – repeat as above for as many baubles as you’d like.

To end: ch 20, fasten off, and use the end for attaching where you’d like it to go.

I’d love to see any if you make them, make sure you tag me on Instagram @offthehookforyou

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