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A quick and easy pumpkin

Hello, So this design has a bit of a story behind it.

I was ready to teach a pumpkin workshop yesterday – the first workshop since March.

A lovely little Amigurumi pumpkin design I’d made a few years ago.

crochet pumkpin free pattern

Well, I was ready a bit before Sarah arrived, and well, I thought I’d have a play with another design and some super chunky yarn.

20 minutes later – and I had a prototype done!

Super quick crochet pumpkin pattern

So when Sarah arrived and I asked which one she wanted to make – she chose the “new one” and made 2 in the workshop (She’s also made me type this up super quickly).

quick and easy crochet pumpkin pattern

If you want to make your own – please save this pin below for later! ⬇️

Super quick crochet pumpkin pattern

The Pro’s of this design:

No real counting after the first chain (unlike amigurumi).

A super quick make.

Texture is made as you crochet.

(Fancy anther quick make? Check out this large pumpkin too)

So here we go – I’ve used Cygnet Yarn – Super Chunky Metallics and 6mm hook.

Or Cygnet Seriously Chunky with a 10mm hook

Or you can use 3 strands of a DK with a 6mm hook too.

crochet pumpkin patterns - free

Finished Size

     8cm diameter  


         Tension is not critical for this pattern, however a smaller hook size that normal should be used with the yarn to obtain a tighter stitch.

Yarn and Equipment

Yarn A Cygnet Chunky Metallics in gold

Yarn B 2 strands of a DK yarn

6mm hook




Abbreviations USA Terms

blo – back loop only

ch – Chain

flo – front loop only

mr – Magic ring

sc – single crochet

ss – Slip Stitch

st – Stitch

Hints and tips

Start with a long tail – this will help you sew the pumpkin together.

End with a long tail – for the reason above.


Using Yarn A and 6mm hook, ch10.  

Row 1: In the 2nd ch from the hook, sc, sc across. Turn [9sc]

Row 2:  ch 1,  In the blo make 1 sc in each st across. Turn [9sc]

Row 3: ch 1, in the flo make 1 sc in each st across.  Turn [9sc]

Repeat rows 2-3 9 times.  

Repeat Row 2 once more.

Quick crochet pumpkin pattern

Fold the right side together and ss the 2 sides together to make a tube. 

quick and easy crochet pumpkin

Fasten off leaving a long end for sewing.

Using the tail, sew running st around one end, and pull tight cinching the opening closed.  Fasten off.

Turn the pumpkin the right way out, stuff and repeat the sewing using the other tail.  Make two further stitches directly through the pumpkin top to bottom.  Fasten off.


Using  2 strands of brown DK yarn and 4mm hook make a magic ring.

Round 1: 4sc in the ring [4sc]

Rounds 2-5: 1sc in each st. [4sc]

Fasten off leaving an end for sewing.

To Make up

Sew the slack onto the top of the pumpkin using the ends.  Fasten off weave in ends.  

As with all my patterns – you can make these and sell them – but I do ask you give me credit as the designer and tag me on social media @offthehookforyou

quick and easy crochet pumpkin pattern

I’ve been typing and writing, and Sarah (@crochetcaine) has spent her morning making pumpkins! She’s just sent me this great picture – a huge number of pumpkins made today – that she’s selling them to fundraise for her charity on her #Noridchatfundraising year.

Crochet pumpkin pattern

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