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1 Ball Rainbow – Mini Granny Square Blanket

It was pouring with rain, Home schooling was taking a break for the afternoon as we’d just found a brand new series on Prime – Alex Rider! (You can get an idea from this how long I’ve been sat on this blanket design….. back in June!)

I asked the pink one to choose a ball of yarn for me to make granny squares with. Little mini granny squares, one round only, and see how many I could make.

I have to give credit here to how I came up with the idea, a lovely lady on Instagram, who did my #NoBrainerCAL – and has the most amazing crochet feed.

Please head over and check out @Jo_Kill on Instagram. She made a similar blanket – using mini granny squares, but then made it completely different to this one by following the #spinyourgrannyblanket by @stitchedupcrafts.

The yarn:

Well this is the magic part of this whole project. Rather than use a whole load of different colours from my every growing stash, one ball that self changes – thats all I needed.

So what did the pink one choose?

Boho Spirit in Festival

Boho spirit yarn - cygnet

Pretty Pretty…..

I’ve no idea how I even got this one (it’s one of the happy accidents to end up in my yarn stash) – but it sure is colouful.

Boho spirit cygnet yarns

If you’d like to save this for later – please Pin it – using the picture below ⬇️

One rainbow ball crochet blanket pattern.  Free.  granny squares

So mini granny squares. 1 round each – and they worked up super quickly (probably because I didn’t sew my ends in as I went!)

cygnet boho spirit yarn, blanket ideas

A few hours later and I had crocheted a ball of wool into a colourful rainbow.

BOHO Spirit yarn - Cygnet - granny squares

To keep all the squares in order, I used a length of t-shirt yarn and added them to the string as I made them.

How pretty is the rainbow snake?

boho spirit yarn - Cygnet, offthehookkforyou

Round 2 – this is where it became interesting. What colour to go around next, and not take away from the colourfulness of the bright squares?

After a bit of deliberation – white was decided. I used Cygnet DK from my stash – but any white yarn will do.

Do you love granny squares but aren’t a blanket person? Check out this cool bag here.

boho spirit yarn, granny square blanket

I even started to sew in the ends at this point!

A lot of squares later……..

boho spirit yarn cygnet -, mini granny square blanket idea

And a few more…..

boho spirit yarn cygnet -, mini granny square blanket idea

It was time to decide on an order. This took a LOT of time, and a lot of reordering!

boho spirit yarn cygnet -, mini granny square blanket idea

I tried changing it so the colours went diagonally…….

But there being so many squares, the what looked lovely at the top of the right picture – blues purples, looked a bit weird in the opposite corner, green, yellow and purple……. with no blues in sight!

At this point I got a little frustrated!

I went straight back to the drawing board.

boho spirit yarn cygnet -, mini granny square blanket idea

I went with a kind of snake it up – like snakes and ladders, get to the end of one row, and immediately come back the other way.

Decision made!

Then the outside of the squares for joining?

boho spirit yarn cygnet -, mini granny square blanket idea

I started with a parchment colour, but it looked a bit too bland.

Cygnet boho spirit - rainbow blanket

Dark grey didn’t look right either.

New yarn order needed……

This is an amazing yarn and well worth a look at if you want a premium acrylic baby yarn.

Cygnet Pure baby in grey.

I used this yarn to make this blanket – and it is amazing!

one ball rainbow crochet blanket

So – Continuous join as you go – this has been a revolution!

You can find out all about it here – with a video tutorial too!

So to make this blanket – if you do – please tag me on Instagram – I love seeing what you all make! @offthehookforyou


1 ball Boho spirit in Festival

2 balls DK in white

4 balls – Cygnet Pure Baby in grey

4mm crochet hook

Abbreviations – USA Terms

CH – chain

DC – Double crochet

HDC – Half Double Croceht

SC – Single Crochet

Sp – space

SS – slip stitch

Finished Size: 80 x 100 cm

Each 2 round (rainbow and the white) granny square will measure 5cm

rainbow blanket, free crochet pattern.  one rainbow ball.

Using the Festival yarn, make 130 granny squares as below

Top tip: keep the ends consistent – approx 5cm long to make sure you have enough yarn for the 130 squares.

Snuffle bean yarn

Round 1: Ch4, ss to join and make a circle. 3 ch (Counts as a DC), 2 DC, *2 ch, 3DC, repeat from * 3 times [ 12 DC, 4 ch 2 spaces). Fasten off

Top tip: Keep them in order! I used T-shirt yarn as holder and threaded them onto it.

one ball rainbow blanket, free crochet pattern

Using white yarn, complete round 2 of your granny squares

Round 2: Join yarn in any corner sp. 3 ch (counts as a DC), 2 DC 2 ch 3 DC, 1 ch, (3DC 2 ch 3 DC ch 1 in the next sp), repeat 3 times. Fasten off.

(And rethread to keep them in order).

Using Silver yarn, complete round 3 of the granny squares – joining CJAYG

Find out about this here

Rows are made from 13 squares up and 10 squares across.


Complete 3 rounds SC, then make 1 final round in HDC.

Please tag me (@offthehookforyou) if you make this. I love seeing everyones makes.

rainbow baby blanket, free crochet pattern.
crochet rainbow blanket, free crochet pattern with video tutorials.
rainbow baby blanket free crochet pattern,
rainbow blanket - free crochet pattern - with video tutorial for joining.
free rainbow crochet blanket pattern.

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