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The Borlotto Shawl

This is a new one for me.

I’m normally a cowl person, I love the fact that they don’t fall off!

Check out my infinity cowl here

But this time I wanted to play with a triangle shape.

I’d seen all these beautiful pictures down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, and really wanted to have a go.

So the idea of the Borlotto shawl was born.

Borlotto shawl free crochet pattern boho spirit Cygnet,

Why the Borlotto?

The shawl features some mini bean stitches, so I went on an online seed catalogue and searched for “dwarf” aka mini, and bean, as it’s a bean.

And I found the Borlotto Firetongue beans – and so the Borlotto shawl was born.

I’m rubbish with my pattern names – so this was the easiest way to decide!

Cygnet Boho Spirit yarn Borlotto shawl


Lets talk yarn.

I used Cygnet Boho Spirit in Chic.

and a ball of Boho solids in Misty.

This is a great affordable yarn that has a lovely colour palette. At only about £3 a ball ($4), so is much more affordable than a £25 ball of yarn, and will be lovely and warm in the winter too.

The stripes have a lovely long lead in making the stripes in this shawl bold and bright.

It would be great in a single colour too, but I just loved the idea of using 2 balls of yarn – and only have 2 ends to sew in! (The lazy crocheter in me strikes again!).

Borlotto shawl, boho spirit cygnet yarns free crochet pattern,

So a pattern with only 2 ends to sew in, a striking colour change, and a warm snuggle scarf/ shawl for only £8 ($10) – what are we waiting for?

If you want to save for this later – please save the Pin below.

Borlotto Boho Spirit triangle scarf shawl free crochet pattern

For the inexpensive Ad- free pdf – you can get it from the following places below:




Borlotto cygnet boho yarn shawl,


If you need/ would like a video to make this scarf, please drop me a note below. I had planned on filming one, but then had an argument with an onion and a knife – and the knife won, so my fingers aren’t looking too great currently.

If you need to see just the mini bean stitch in the mean time – you can watch that here

You will need

1 ball Cygnet Boho Spirit in Chic (6385).  100% premium Acrylic 100g ca 240m – Yarn A1 ball 

Cygnet Boho in Misty 100% premium Acrylic 100g ca 240m – Yarn B

4.5mm hook


Abbreviations – USA Terms

Ch – Chain

MR – Magic ring

DC – double crochet

Mbs – mini bean stitch

Sk – Skip stitch

Sp – space

SS – Slip Stitch

Mini Bean Stitch (mbs): Insert hook into st or sp indicated, yo, pul, yo, insert hook into the same st or sp, yo, pul, yo, draw through all 4 loops on the hook, 1 ch.

Tension/ Size: 10cm = 7 rows and 18 DC sts

Finished Shawl/ scarf = 111cm x 42 cm

Hints and tips

The scarf is made in one piece, starting from the top and working in a big triangle by working in rows and turning at the end of each row.

When working into the mbs row, make sure you insert your hook in the back of the mbs – NOT the ch sp.

The mbs is worked over the ch sp from the DC row each time.

For the colour change to work effectively, try to start your work with the brightest blue as row 1. 

Beginning 3 ch counts as a stitch throughout.


Row 1: Using a 4,5mm hook and Yarn A,  Make a MR, 3 ch (counts as a st throughout) 2DC in the ring, 2 ch, 3DC.  Close the ring.  Turn [6 sts]

Row 2: 3 ch, 2DC in the bottom of the ch, 1DC in each of the next 2 sts, DC 2 ch  DC in the 2 ch sp, 1DC in each of the next 2 sts, 3DC in the top of the 3 ch. Turn  [12sts]

Row 3: 3 ch 2DC in the bottom of the ch,   1 ch, (sk 1 st, DC in the next st, 1 ch) twice, DC 2ch DC 1ch in the ch sp, (sk 1 st, DC in the next st, 1 ch) twice, sk st, 3DC in the top of the 3 ch.  Turn [12st] 

Row 4: 3 ch 2DC in the bottom of the ch,   1 ch mbs in next st, sk st, mbs in each ch sp, making 1mbs ch 2 1 mbs in the ch2 sp of the V.  When at the end, make the last mbs in the in ch sp, sk st, mbs in the next DC, 3DC in top of 3 ch.  Turn. [10 mbs, 6DC]

Borlotto bean shawl scarf free crochet pattern.

Row 5: 3 ch 2DC in the bottom of the ch,   1 ch, sk st, DC in next st 1 ch  (DC in the back of the mbs 1 ch), repeat across, making 1DC 2 ch 1DC in the 2 ch sp of the V. When at the end, make 1 DC in the first of the 3DC, ch 1 skp st,  3 DC in top of 3 ch, Turn. [20st]

Row 6: Repeat row 4. [18mbs, 6DC]

Row 7: Repeat row 5. [27 sts]

Fancy a new MBS project – what about the Quirrel Scarf ?

Row 8: 3 ch 2DC in the bottom of the ch, make 1 DC in each st, or ch sp across, making DC 2 ch DC in the 2ch sp and finishing with 3 DC in the last stitch. [56 sts]

Row 9: 3 ch 2DC in the bottom of the ch,   DC across, making DC 2 ch DC in the ch 2 sp, 3 DC in the last st. [62 sts]

Row 10: Repeat row 3 (DC, skp st, 1 ch)

Row 11: Repeat row 4 (mbs)

Snuffle bean yarn

Row 12: Repeat row 5 (DC in mbs, skp st, ch1)

Row 13: Repeat row 4 (mbs)

Love this stitch check out my design in Issue 37 of Crochet Now

Row 14: Repeat row 5 (DC in mbs, skp st, ch1)

Row 15: Repeat row 8 (DC)

Row 16: Repeat row 9 (DC)

Rows 17-26 Repeat rows 10-16 in order.

Row 27, change to Yarn B (if it matches with your yarn), and continue with the row order above finishing on row 14 of the pattern on row 34 (or until you run out of yarn leaving a small amount for tassels below)

Tassels – make 2 ((I love a tassel),)

  1. Wrap Yarn B around your mobile/ cell phone 25 times.
  2. Using a needle and thread, insert a piece of Yarn B about 15cm under the top and tie tightly – remove form the phone.    
  3. With another 15cm piece of Yarn B tie around the tassel about 3cm from the top to secure.
  4. Cut the yarn at the opposite end to where you have tied to make the tassel.
  5. Sew the top of the tassel to the corner of the scarf using the thread you inserted in step 2.
Borlotto bean triangle shawl, cygnet boho yarn free crochet patter.

So there we have it, a pretty shawl – currently perfect for the UK Summer (July) weather…. raining and 13 degrees!!!!!!

I love seeing all your makes – so please tag me on Instagram @offthehookforyou and use the


Bye for now………..

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