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The HexiRainbow Blanket

So I’ve been building up to this post for a while now.

My new blanket design that I absolutely LOVE!

Hexagons and Rainbows – what more could you want?

Well how about a STASHBUSTER too?

Huge yarn stashbuster blanket - free crochet pattern


A stash buster! This was my stash of Stylecraft Special DK – accumulated over many years, that sits in a draw.

I should also add this was my first Lockdown 2020 project. If you are coming to this years later, this was the time the world went into Lockdown, the kids stopped going to school, and everything pretty much closed for 3 months – apart from hospitals and supermarkets!

Crochet hexagons- free blanket pattern with videos and written instructions

It took me a long time to decide what to do during this weird time. Creativity pretty much went out of the window – I think I was worried I’d use my yarn up and then not be able to make anything else…. well that and home schooling meant I didn’t actually have that much time!

Then one day I just decided I was going to make again.

I swore after my Hexilove blanket – I would never make anything with hexagons again.

But their shape is just too appealing – and so so different to squares.

crochet hexagons free pattern, video tutorials.


Well these were pretty significant during lockdown for the clap for the NHS – I even designed a no sew rainbow.

Crochet rainbow of hope

So a rainbow blanket made from hexagons.

Here it is!

hexirainbow crochet blanket free pattern with video tutorials.  Great stash busting project.

I adore it!

It’s so colourful and so warm.

crochet hexagon blanket - free crochet pattern,

If you want to save this for later – please Pin the picture below.

free crochet hexagon blanket pattern.  How to videos for making the hexagons and joining.

So what do you need to know?

If you want to the inexpensive PDF (No adverts) you can get it from Etsy here

Inexpensive Advert free PDF From Raverly Here

Inexpensive Advert free PDF From Lovecrafts Here

crochet hexagon blanket hexiranbow, free crochet pattern with videos.

Well it’s made using a lot of my stash – all Stylecraft Special DK (which comes in 98 colours).

Apart from 2 hexagons – made with Cygnet DK – any guesses which ones?

Well it’s the buttercream hexagon (Just above the peach and the pink in the photo above).

Free crochet blanket pattern.  Great stash busting project.  Hexagons.  Includes video tutorials and written patterns.


4mm hook and DK yarn – I used The Stylecraft below.

Finished size: 132 x 106 cm

Tension – each hexagon measures 17.5cm (7 inches)

Colours of yarn:

Stylecraft Special DK

1: Bluebell

2: Denim

3: Pistachio

4: Lemon

5: Candyfloss

6: Pomegranate

7: Fuchsia Purple

8:  Apricot

9: Cygnet – Buttercream

10: Lincoln

11: Cloud Blue

12: Blush

13: Raspberry

14: Magenta

15: Vintage Peach

16: Citron

17: Sage

18: Turquoise

19: Fondant

20: Plum

21: Gold

22: Cypress

23: Petrol

24: Wisteria

25: Parma Violet

26: Clematis

27: Burgundy

28: Copper

29: Mustard

30: Meadow

31: Teal

32: Antique Rose

33: 2 balls of Grey for joining

crochet hexagons - how to - USA terms

What do you need to know – well – I’m not one for being a great at sewing – so this is a minimal ends project!

Like the sound of it – well carry on reading.

The blanket is made up from 58 hexagons, in 32 colours.

I used from my stash, as the hexagons only needed a small amount of yarn each – but if you want to recreate mine exactly – the colours are listed above and are available from Wool Warehouse

Each Hexagon is made as a solid hexagon of 6 rounds.

If you need to know how to do this – head to the post below for the whole written pattern and a YouTube link showing exactly how its done.

Learn how to crochet a hexagon.

So you’ve now got 58 hexagons made, time to join them.

This is the absolutely beauty of this blanket – it’s only as 2 ends to sew in!!!!!

Find out more and how to join them in this post – CJAYG – Hexagons

crochet hexagons - how to make then and join them - and a free blanket pattern.

I changed my mind from the original design when I laid them all out.

CJAYG - hexagons join continuously crochet with video
Hexirainbow blanket - free crochet pattern

When I made the blanket – I joined the hexagons I had made, then realised it needed to be a lot bigger!

So I made some more!

Positioning of the colours was the key here.

Hexgon crochet blanket - free crochet pattern

Joining – using the continuous join method – you start joining in the top right of the blanket – listed as yarn 1.

Then continue down that row, before joining the right hand sides of the hexgagons.

The yarn numbers above – show what order the hexagons need to be joined.

hexagon rainbow blanket pattern.  Free crochet blanket/ afghan instructions to make a colourful bright blanket.

I love seeing everyones project – so if you do decide to make this – please tag me on Instagram @offthehookforyou

hexagon crochet - free pattern,

2 thoughts on “The HexiRainbow Blanket

  1. I made the hexi blanket, used the same yarn as u but my hexagons were not 7” even with 6 rounds , wonder where I went wrong

    1. What size hook did you use? The pattern is in USA terms too – (US double = UK treble). It won’t make any difference – as long at they are all the same size, you just might need more balls of yarn to join them!

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