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How to join hexagons – continuously

So, remember my absolute break through with granny squares and how to join them with only 2 ends to sew in……..

Continuous Join as you go – granny squares

CJAYG Continuous join as you go Granny squares

And then my complete fascination with hexagons……

How to crochet a hexagon

crochet hexagons - how to - USA terms

Well this post is in preparation for what I did with all those hexagons!

This post is how to continuously join hexagons together, leaving only 2 ends to sew in (how happy does this make me!).

If you want to save this for later – please Pin the photo below (Not only does it look pretty, but it tells people exactly what this post is about so they can find it easier…. and it’s a good size to show up on Pinterest boards)

Crochet together hexagons - continuously only 2 ends to sew in. 
 Video tutorial and schematic.

Yarn wise – I used Stylecraft Belissima for the video – a lovely premium acrylic

The other hexagons – Stylecraft Special DK – which now comes in 98 colours – but more on those for my next post!

Wool Warehouse

What you need to know (scroll down for the video):

You start on a smaller row/ column – remember I said they tesselate – start with a “small row”.

You’ll work 4 sides of the first hexagon before joining the second and work 3 sides on this one, before starting the next row.

You join the right hand edges of the second row / column, then come back and complete the other sides.

Have I completely confused you? Luckily I thought I might – so scroll down to a handy video for you – which should explain it a lot better than I have above!

The diagram below should help, if not – look at my YouTube video linked below (and hit subscribe while you are there please).

CJAYG hexagons

Here’s the video – which should explain the whole thing!

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