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How to Crochet Hexagons

I have a bit of a facisination with Hexagons.

Bee hives, and honey, and the way they join together.

I stumbled across making a pentagon by accident, when I got carried away with a granny square, the same way I did for a triangle when I didn’t do as many groups to start as I needed.

Check out my Triangle Bunting here

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So , Back to basics for this lesson – Primary school.

A square has 4 sides – so you start with 4 groups of 3 Double crochets ch 2 .

crochet granny square

A triangle has 3 sides – so you start with 4 groups of Double crochets ch 2.

crochet triangles

A hexagon…… well it has 6 sides – so you start with 6 groups of 2 double crochets ch 2.

Note the 6 x 2 groups of DC (If you do 3 dc they have too many stitches and don’t sit flat).

I love hexagons, and knew as soon as I saw the design brief for a magazine call I wanted to make something with them. The colour palate was just amazing too, so the idea was instantly born, and I started making it even before I got the email telling me they wanted the design.

Crochet hexagon pattern, video - how to make

Check out my Hexilove blanket here – as featured in Crochet Now Magazine.

Things to bear in mind:

They tessellate.

This is super important, as rather than with squares, you will need a lot more of them to make your project, as they all interlock with each other.

You can CJAYG – just like granny squares – and this will change the way you make blankets forever!

I’m not one for half hexagons – I like the blanket to show off the shape the hexagons create rather than square them off.

But if you like straight edges – the half hexagon can be made by starting with 2dc ch 2 3 times and working backwards and forwards in rows rather than a circle.

I posted this picture on Instagram a couple of weeks back – loads of bright colourful hexagons – so if you want to see what I’m making first, and usually real-ish time – make sure you follow me @offthehookforyou

crochet hexagons - how to - USA terms

If you want to save this for later – please save this pin below for later

USA Terms


DC – Double crochet

SS – Slip stitch

Notes: 3 ch counts as a stitch throughout.

Use appropriate hook size for the yarn.


Round 1 (rs): Working into a magic ring, 3 ch (counts as first DC throughout) 1DC ch 2 [2 DC, ch 2] 5 times, join with a SS in top of beg 3 ch.  12 DC

Round 2: 3 ch, 1 DC , *[1DC,  2 ch, 1 DC] in ch-sp, 2 DC; rep from * 5 more times, 1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC, SS  to beg 3 ch. 24DC

Round 3: 3 ch, 2 DC, *[1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC] in ch-sp, 4 DC; rep from * 5 more times, 1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC in ch-sp, 1 DC, SS to beg 3 ch. 36DC

Rnd 4: 3 ch, 3 DC, *[1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC] in ch-sp, 6 DC; rep from * 5 more times, 1 DC 2 ch, 1 DC in ch-sp, 2 DC SS to beg 3 ch. 48DC

Rnd 5: 3 ch, 4 DC, *[1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC] in ch-sp, 8 DC; rep from * 5 more times, 1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC in ch-sp, 3 DC SS to beg 3 ch. 60DC

Fasten off (or keep going the same way if you want bigger hexagons).

Crochet hexagons pattern

And I made another video – how to make a hexagon!

Check out my Youtube below and make sure you hit subscribe too while you are there – then you’ll know when I post a new video too.

crochet hexagons - video tutorial and written pattern -

And if you want to see what I made with all the colourful hexagons…… look out for my next post!

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