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Handy Crochet Stair Caddy

This one was an easy design to come up with.

I made one a few years ago, wrote it down in on of my many notebooks, and promptly forgot about it!

But, having been homeschooling now for 10 weeks, the amount of “things” creeping downstairs is multiplying at an alarming rate, and we need these to help get the items back to where they come from!

So we have 1 basket each, which are easy to carry, and sit nicely on the stairs!

crochet stair basket - free pattern

A bit about the baskets

You can use any yarn, to make these.

I used chunky yarn also known as bulky in the USA.

I made the grey one with some leftover yarn in my stash, that I picked up at a local market. This yarn was seriously old!

But it was more use as a basket, than it was going to be a draw!

Fancy a crochet pot cover – check out this pattern here

crochet stair basket, free pattern

Then the pink one – well she wanted a pink one.

And the blue ones favourite colour is yellow – so that was an easy decision too!

What you need to know

The baskets are made using TWO strands at the same time.

This does take a bit of getting used too, but you need the yarn to be really tight to get the baskets to stand up.

They also use only 1 hook size up from what the ball band says – even though 2 strands of yarn!

crochet basket free pattern oval

So when I used the Stylecraft Chunky yarn, I only used a 7mm hook (Which I know is not common in the USA – but it does exist – use either a 6.5mm or an 8mm depending on how bulky your yarn is)!

They are worked in the round, in 1 piece.

If you like this and want to save it for later – please Pin it using the photo below.

crochet stair basket, free crochet pattern - video tutorial

Some people need a video rather than a written pattern, so I made one! Scroll to the bottom to find it.

If you’d like to purchase an inexpensive PDF for about £1 ($1.50) – you can do so on Ravelry here.


 You will need

2 balls Chunky yarn DK 100% acrylic, 100g / 144m 

7mm hook (or 6.5mm / 8mm – see above)

Stitch marker

Measurements – 26cm width x 13cm tall

Tension – as tight as you can crochet


Use 2 strands of yarn together.

Each round is finished with a SS to join.

Each round starts with a ch2 which counts as an HDC (and is written as an HDC!)

crochet basket free pattern www/

To make

Using all 2 strands, ch 14.

Round 1: HDC in the third chain from the hook, HDC in each of the next 10 ch, 5 HDC in the last ch, rotate to work along opposite side of foundation chain, HDC in each of the next 10 ch, 4 HDC in the next ch. [ 30HDC]

Round 2: (HDC in next 13 sts, 2 HDC in next 3 sts) twice. [36HDC]

Round 3: * HDC in next 13 sts, (2 HDC in next st, HDC in next st) 3 times; repeat from * once more. [42HDC]

Check out my Eco Grab bag – 1 ball make – free pattern here

Round 4: *HDC in next 14 sts, (2HDC in next st, HDC in next 2 sts) 3 times; repeat from * once more. [48 HDC]

Round 5: *HDC in next 13 sts, (2HDC in next st, HDC in next 3 sts) 3 times; repeat from * once more. [54 HDC]

Round 6: *HDC in next 13 sts, (2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 4 sts) 3 times; repeat from * once more. [60 HDC]

Snuffle bean yarn

Round 7: ch 2, BPHDC around. [60 sts]

Round 7-14: ch 2, 1 HDC in each. [60 sts]

If you want a taller basket – add more rows here!

Making the handles

Round 15 : ch 2, 9HDC , chain 12, skp 10 sts, SC to join to st 10, HDC in the next 20 sts, chain 12, skp 10 sts, SC to join, HDC in the next 10 ss, ss to join.

Round 16: ch 2, 1 HDC in each st around, making 1 HDC in each ch too. SS to join, Fasten off, weave in ends.

Ready for some more homeware makes – what about these coasters

There you have it one basket – how about making a whole set?

If you need a more visual learning – here is the video.


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