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The No Brainer CAL – week 13 (Final week)


Wow, what a 13 weeks this has been for the world! Thats a bit of an understatement I think we can all say now!

When I started this CAL 13 weeks ago, little did I know that life as we all knew would probably change just a couple of weeks later, and that we’d all be in lockdown in our various countries.

13 weeks later, and 11 weeks of Lockdown for the UK, and some restrictions are being lifted.

If you are coming to the post years down the line…… this CAL took place over the Spring of 2020.

free granny square blanket (afghan) pattern

The Design

I thought I’d design a project that could use all the oddments of yarn I had left over.

To be honest I started making mine over Christmas 2019, something to keep my hands busy, but not actually really my brain was the plan.

A bright colourful blanket, that wouldn’t in my case have any white in it.

I’d just grab a load of almost full balls of yarn from my stash, and make some squares, picking the balls up in random orders, so no two squares are the same, but they use the same colours, and would then all look all very different.

Then to join them in a very bright colour, a Royal blue.

Wool Warehouse
granny square blanket free crochet pattern


Hopefully now you have 24 granny squares, all colours and ready to join.

I joined mine using the Continuous Join method which you can find all about here

This was a complete eye opener for me, and I can safely say, I’m never sewing a blanket together again after learning this.

order of the squares

Which square next to which?

This took a bit of time to get right, I didn’t want an edge or a middle of the same colour to be next to the same colour.

So from the above picture – it changed!

When I released the squares, week 1 squares 1 and 2 are where you start to join – which puts them at the bottom right of the blanket (If you’ve done it differently it honestly doesn’t matter.

Here is the order:

Continuous join granny squares

If you want to watch the video of how to do it

Conitnuous join granny squares

This is one of the only pictures I took of the joining, as I got carried away! It was so quick to join!

So there, we have it, one No Brainer CAL blanket.

I have absolutely loved seeing all the pictures on Instagram. The different colour combinations are completely inspiring to see, from the bright colourful ones, to the more muted tones.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, and shared their amazing blankets with my, I can’t wait to see them all joined together now – so please tag me @offthehookforyou

I’ll leave you with some pretty blanket spam now (the actual blanket in currently camping in the garden!)

granny square blanket, free crochet pattern
Granny Square crochet pattern, bright blanket.
granny square blanket, free crochet pattern

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