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Unicorn – The Big Knit

This one I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I knew in my head what it would look like, but couldn’t quite work out the horn – then I had a Eureka moment……

and finally got around to making a unicorn.

Feel free to pin it for later below

big knit unicorn hat crochet

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big knit crochet hat patterns

I used some variant yarns to make the mane – various ones, just make sure you use the right hook size for the yarn you use.


3.5mm hook

white DK yarn

grey yarn

variegated yarn (Mane) and appropriate hook for the yarn

Silver or gold yarn for the horn (Ideally I’d of used silver yarn – but I can’t find mine currently!)

USA Terms used

Using white, make a basic hat in one colour as per this pattern

Mane (make 3 or more)

With variagated yarn 12 ch, in the 2nd chain from the hook, make 1 SC, then make 2 SC in each chain along. Fasten off.


Working in the amigurumi method

With Silver/ gold thread, make a magic ring, 5 SC in the ring.

Round 2: 1 SC in each st around [5 SC]

Round 3: 2sctog, 1 SC in each st around [4 SC]

Round 4: 2SCtog, 1 SC in each st around [3SC]

Round 5: 2SCtog, 1 SC [2sc]

Round 6: 2SCtog, fasten off [1SC]

unicorn crochet big knit hat

To Make up

Sew the horn onto the centre of the hat, the 3 mane pieces behind them, and sew 2 v shapes for eyes using grey yarn using the picture as a guide.

unicorn crocht hat pattern the big knit innocent smoothies Age UK

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