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Quick Easter Bunny Basket

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a bit of a lazy crafter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love crafting and crocheting especially, but I don’t like sewing in ends, and I don’t really like projects that take


to finish!

Anyone else with me on that?

So today I decided to make a little Easter bunny basket.

The idea was already in my head, but I needed yarn.

Easter crochet basket, rabbit or bunny.  Quick make.  Free pattern
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Given the current world issues, Yarn at the local yarn/ craft shop is not an option, so I dived head first into my stash!

Wool Warehouse

Luckily for me my stash is huge! It contains enough for me to have a quick browse through and see what I’ve got.

Varying weights, colours, cottons, Acrylics

Cygnet Yarns Seriously chunky Yarn

Today I’ve used this one – Cygnet Seriously Chunky in Fairy and Unicorn.

Another project in this yarn – a giant doughnut (Do-nut)

The pink one chose the colours, and it was be magical colours all round.

What else do you need to know?

Well you will be crocheting tightly. The yarn calls for a 10-12 mm hook – but these little baskets need to be pretty solid, so get round this we are using a 8mm hook.

I adore my 8mm clover hook.

It about £6 on Amazon, not a huge amount compared with some hooks on the market, but definitely worth the investment if you are planning on making a few of these, or my other projects using this hook.

Like my Lanzarote Dreams 8 Hour blanket

So these little baskets:

If you want to save this for late – please pin it here

Easter bunny rabbit crochet basket.  free crochet pattern,

So crochet tightly with a smaller hook, and also my go to stitch – HDC.

Why spend ages making these SC, when you can have a basket in no time at all with a closed texture and still looking pretty good.


1 ball of either Fairy or Unicorn Cygnet Yarns Super Chunky

8mm crochet hook


Yarn needle

Pom Pom 2.5cm

Abbreviations – US terms

BPHDC – Back post half double crochet

HDC – Half Double crochet

MR – Magic Ring

SS – slip stitch

To Make

Crochet basket - free pattern for a rabbit basket, ideal for collecting eggs.

Round 1: With your yarn, and an 8mm hook make a magic ring and chain 2 (counts as a stitch throughout), 7HDC in the ring. SS to join. [8HDC]

Round 2: 2 ch 1 HDC in the base of the ch, 2 HDC in each st around. SS to join [16 HDC]

Round 3: 2 ch 1 HDC in the base of the ch, 1 HDC, * 2 HDC in the next st, 1 HDC. Repeat from * around, SS to join [24HDC]

Round 4: 2 ch 1 BPHDC in each st around. SS to join. [24 sts]

Round 5-8: 2 ch , 1 HDC in each st around. SS to join

To make the handle

Row 9 : Immediately Chain 18 (after SS to join round 8). Ensure the chain is not twisted and SS to join directly opposite where the ch has been made.

mini easter basket - rabbit design free crochet pattern

SS to the top of the basket, the SS into the next chain (number 18) to join.

Working in the first chain from the hook, make 1 HDC in each chain working backwards towards where you started.

crochet basket free crochet pattern

When you get to the end, SS to join in the 2 sts next to where the chain was made to secure the handle.

mini crochet easter egg bunny basket.  Free crochet pattern.

To make it into a rabbit – just glue a pom pom on to the back for a tail (I used a glue gun)!

Bunny basket free crochet pattern

Enjoy, and Happy Easter

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