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The #Nobrainer Cal -week 4

Well what a week that was for the world.

Life is pretty strange here in the UK right now as we are on lockdown to stop the spread of the virus.

No leaving the house = more time to crochet (yay….. but not when trying to home school 2 different kids doing 2 totally different things).

Only allowed out once a day for exercise – my dogs are enjoying it, as I tend to do one walk and Mr OTH one later in the day.

So when I actually wanted distraction in mindless Crochet, I didn’t really have it as I’ve been busy learning about “Fronted Adverbials”, Mean, Mode and Median, Ancient Greece athletes, and Repeating patterns to name just a few things.

So crochet has been on the back burner a little here.

I’ve been working on some projects, but these are all top secret for a few more months (You know what that means 🙂 )

So finally on Friday afternoon at 4pm (School is closed) there is time for me to sit and type some #nobrainer crochet.

stashbusting project.  Crochet blanket, Nobrainer CAL.  Free crochet pattern.

If you’ve joined me late, don’t worry – you’ve got plenty of time to catch up. Please Pin the photo above for later.

If you need to know about the colours and the yarn I’ve used. You head over to this post here – it tells you about how much you need and what colours.

Then if you need to catch up completely – I’ve got a handy menu here with all the posts saved in one place.

So without further ado………….

Week 4

nobrainer CAL granny square crochet

Square 7

Time to start with some pink this time

Fondant (x 2 rounds)




Cloud Blue

Wool Warehouse





granny square crochet along

Square 8

2 rounds in Pistachio








Cloud Blue

And there we have it – week 4 of the Cal, and now up to 8 squares.

It’s now I realise I’ve not taken photos of the weeks building up (How sensible would that have been) – but I am loving seeing yours on instagram.

So don’t forget to tag me @offthehookforyou and use the hashtags #nobrainercal and #nobrainer

granny square crochet blanket.  Free crochet pattern, bright blanket

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