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The No Brainer CAL – More details


Thanks for popping by, and I hope I can help you use up some of your stash and also make a great blanket at the same time!

So what do you need to know?

This is a blanket made from a classic granny square. As I said in my last post (where all the colours I used are listed) the aim of this project was to make a blanket that didn’t use white.

No brainer CAL granny square blanket

So a classic granny square.

Each colour is used once per square – but not the outside colour – save that for the joining.

In my case – the Royal is the joining colour (The large ball to the right of the picture above).

So – do you want to see my finished blanket?

Just look how bright and colourful it is!

#nobrainerCAL free crochet blanket  pattern, off the hook for you, granny squares

I have to say – I’m so so happy with this blanket. When you have an idea, and then it just “works” – I’m a super happy crocheter.

So if you are using yours stash, or buying new yarn the rules are the same:

9 colours and 1 colour for joining.

I used a 4mm hook as I’ve just DK yarn, but you can do this pattern with any yarn, just use the appropriate hook for the yarn (as found on the ball band)

The granny squares are made in what I see as the traditional way (ch2 in the corners, no turning):

Granny square pattern – (USA Terms)

Round 1: With first colour, Chain 4, SS to join to make a circle. Chain 3 (Counts as the first DC throughout), 2 DC, ch2, *3DC, ch2* – *repeat 3 times, SS to to the top of the ch3 to join.

Round 2: SS over to the first ch2 space. Ch3, 2 DC, ch 2 3DC in the same space. *Ch1, 3DC ch2 3 DC in the next sp * repeat 3 times, SS to join. Fasten off, weave in ends.

granny square - how to - CAL, crochet blanket

Round 3 : switch to colour given, Join Yarn in a corner space, Ch3, 2 DC 2ch 3DC ch1, 3DC ch1, *3DC ch2 3DC ch1, 3DC Ch1 * repeat 3 times SS to join, fasten off, weave in ends.

Round 4 and all rounds onwards : switch to colour given, join yarn in a corner space, Ch3 2 DC 2ch 3DC ch1, (3DC ch1) in each side space. (3DC ch2 3DC ch1) in each corner space.

Continue to round 10, changing colour every round (apart from rounds 1-2)

What else do you need to know?

My squares will be released on a Sunday morning UK time, they are what I have made, and will come 2 squares at a time, showing what they are and what order of the colours I used.

NOTE – if you are finding this later – all colour orders and joining info can be found here

Please tag me in social media – I’d love to share your #nobrainerCAL photos and colour choices along the way.

If you fancy saving this Pin for later (on Pinterest) – you can pin the blanket here!

Bright bold granny square blanket pattern.  Free crochet pattern #NobrainerCAL  Off the hook for you crochet blogger

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