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Scrumpalicious Stripes Blanket

The lovely people over at Cygnet yarns dropped me a email, asking if I fancied having a little play with one of their new yarns.

Well of course I did – who wouldn’t!

The lazy crocheter in me was completely up for this one.

Cygnet Scrumaplicious Yarn.  Free blanket pattern

This is a super chunky yarn, so think 10-12mm hook.



Think super quick make acutally.

One stroller/ pushchair sized blanket took the grand total of about 4 hours to make.

Now that is quick!

This yarn is super soft, super luxurious, and a delight to crochet with.

Scrumaplicious cygnet yarn, free blanket patter


I had a little play with stitches, hook sizes to see what was going to work with this lovely yarn.

It wasn’t long before I had decided on a Herringbone Half treble (double – US)) Crochet.

No idea what I’m talking about?

It’s all to do with when and how you pull through the loops on your hook.

Normal HTr (HDC) YO, through the stitch, YO, pull through, YO pull through all 3 loops.

Herringbone HTr (Hdc) , YO, through the stitch, YO, pull through the stitch, and the first loop on the hook, YO pull through 2 loops.

Herringbone Half Double / treble crochet - free crochet pattern

So for Yarn, head over to

For the pattern – you can get this here -from the Cygnet Website.

If you want to pin this for later:

Scrummy stripes (scrumpalicious) blanket and lovey  free crochet pattern

Scrummy stripes blanket

I had a little bit of yarn left over, so I made a Lovey” to go with it too- you can get the free pattern from Cygnet too.

A sweet little mouse!

Baby Lovely and blanket free crochet pattern

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