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The Norton Scarf.

It’s time to go through my huge backlog and patterns and share one with you.  I have a lot you see, more than I’d care to comment on – and I really should type them up so you can all make some great items too.

It’s as I type this, I realise I never got around to posting this scarf pattern – it’s over 2 years old now, maybe 3 (As One Direction would say…….The Story of my life – and even more fitting they broke up at least a year ago!)

I love the colour combinations of mustard and grey and this yarn from Cygnet I can honestly say is the best “Mustard” on the market…. even if is is called Barley!

Now a story about Barley. Laurelin from Snufflebean Yarn (a great independent internet yarn shop) held a one woman campaign to make Cygnet keep this great colour….. it went…. #bringbackbarley and then came back #barleyisback which is a huge relief as how popular has mustard been over the last couple if years!

I did a little bit of experimenting before deciding on the actual design.

Norton crochet scarf free crochet pattern

I went to my go to – corner to corner, 2 strands, but it didn’t quite click for me, even though the appeal of a 5.5mm hook was calling me – can you imagine how quick this would have been?

But it was too fussy. Far too fussy.

So I tried again, and again it didn’t look like I wanted, yet again. I needed the mustard to ping, and look amazing on its own!

So I had a look at some different stitches, and absolutely fell in love with blanket stitch!

As soon as I started this I knew exactly what I was going to make!

Just look at the amazing texture!

Yes, it was going to take a while with a 4mm hook, but it was going to be amazing!

Just look at the definition, and the contrast in colours!

This is a beautiful scarf, and so good for proper cold weather.

It came as my crochet in the car project, and was surprisingly quick to make for a super snuggly scarf.

Norton blanket scarf free crochet pattern

I don’t think you can really beat a folded crochet scarf picture!

In a very rare occurrence, I managed to convince Mr Oth to take some pictures of me- rare because I really don’t actually like any photo of me so try to avoid being them at all costs, but I really wanted to show you this gorgeous scarf with it being actually worn!

So here you are, me, on a beautiful autumn day, (it was pretty warm in this scarf!)

On a glorious dog walk with my lurchers.

Don’t forget to Pin this pattern so you can save it for later.


4mm hook

2 balls cygnet dk in barley

2 balls cygnet dk in grey

Yarn needle

Abbreviations – USA terms

Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

Sc – single crochet

Ss – slip stitch

USA Terms Used

With Barley, Chain 37

Row one – skip 3 chains, DC in the 4th chain.  *Skip the next 2 chains, SC in the next one, 2 DC in the same chain as the SC*.  Repeat from *-* to the end – but finishing with the first SC (DO not do the Next 2 DC)

Row 2 – and every row from this point onwards

Chain 3, 1 DC in the top of the SC.  In the next SC of the previous row SC, 2 DC, and complete the whole row in the same pattern.  End on 1 SC in the top of the chain 3 (or the gap between the DC and the CH3).

Colour changes

If you want to change colour – do so on rows:

35, 58, 71, 94, 117, 140, 163, 186, end on row 221.

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