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Super Quick Festive Crochet Wreath

If you’ve followed me for a while, you should know that I’m a lazy crocheter.

I love projects that are quick and easy.

I crochet because its quick, and it’s even quicker when you use super chunky yarn!

Quick Festive crochet wreath

I teach this as one of the festive workshops I run, and you’ll want to allow yourself a couple of hours to make this.

Now that is super quick. If you’re looking to cover a wreath in single/ double crochet by making a long piece of fabric and covering it – this will take in excess of over 5 hours just to the make the base material!

Pin it – and save it for later

free crochet quick wreath pattern.  Free how to tutorial guide on how to make it.

So why did I come up with this – well a door wreath is beautiful, but being a yarnaholic like I am – this was just another excuse to bring even more yarn into the house!

Pom pom, baubles, and a yarn covered wreath!

quick crochet wreath

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So to be this quick, we need super chunky yarn.

My go to yarn supplier currently: Cygnet Yarns

Cygnet yarns seriously chunky metallics

They have some brilliant super chunky yarns, from

Seriously chunky

Seriously Chunky metallics

All available from

Now it depends on what look you are going for, for what yarn you choose.

The cream yarn will help you get a Frozen inspired result, but the Red and Greys in the metallics range are the perfect backdrop for reds, golds and greens.

We start with a polystyrene ring.

Either a 25cm or 30cm ring – but the important thing to note

Buy one with a flat back – you can head over to amazon who have loads of choice!

(Just watch out of the postman delivers on a windy day!)

To cover the wreath

Now you’ve got your wreath base, you’ll need to grab your yarn. It should take 1 ball of yarn, but depending on how tightly you crochet it might take a little more.

With a 10mm hook, make a slip knot and join the yarn to the ring.

This is where is can seem pretty cumbersome, but when you get in the swing of things – it’s super quick.

You need to single crochet (USA terms) around the ring.

I know what you’re doing – you’re reading this holding your yarn with your slip knot and a big polystyrene ring and thinking – “right, what do I do now”

So this is why I’ve made a handy video for you:

You need to grab the yarn, from the middle of the ring, keep it on your hook, then grab the yarn from behind the ring for the Yarn Over of the Single Crochet.

how to quickly crochet a wreath

You’ll need to push the stitches together to completely cover the ring.

When you are all the way around – sew in the ends on the back, and make sure the lovely “V” of the stitches is all the same way – I point mine to the outside.

Now as I mentioned before, I teach this, so at this point lots of the photos are from the workshop, and could be the attendees creations – but this will be give you a good idea of what you can do.

how to quickly crochet a wreath

This took less than an hour

Now onto the fun part.

Pom poms – make 5, 3 little one, and 2 the next size up.

If you haven’t invested in pompom makers yet – forget about the bits of cardboard we used to use years ago.

These are the best pom pom makers I have found, and so easy to use.

Again – head over to Amazon for a little look

quick easy Christmas wreath

Colour choice is totally up to you.

5 pom poms made DK/ worsted weight yarn.

Now, we have one wreath base covered, 5 pom poms.

Baubles are next.

I bought loads from the local shops, but you want to get them all about 20mm or smaller if you can.

super quick crochet wreath

I bought the shop up as you can see.

You’ll need between10-20 baubles to make one similar to these.

Now the really fun bit.

If you want to add lights – do this before this next step:

We used a cheap set from the local shops, about £2 a set, but if you get hold of florist ones – even better as the wire is almost invisible!

Just wrap them around the base.

The fun really starts

Glue gun at the ready:

The important bit now.

Have everything ready.

super quick yarn wreath

Glue on the wreath base

then just attach the item quickly before it dries.

yarn wreath tutorial
free crochet quick wreath pattern.  Free how to tutorial guide on how to make it.
quick yarn wreath

It’s entirely up to you, go as crazy or as sensible as you like!

Here are the ones we’ve made:

quick crochet wreath
Cygnet Seriously chunky in cream
Quick crochet wreath
Cygnet Seriously chunky metallics in Lithium
quick festive crochet wreath
Cygnet Seriously chunky metallics in Lead
Quick Festive crochet wreath
Cygnet Seriously chunky in cream
quick crochet wreath
Cygnet Seriously chunky in cream
how to quickly crochet a wreath base
Cygnet Seriously chunky metallics in Platinum

Remember to Pin this for later

free crochet quick wreath pattern.  Free how to tutorial guide on how to make it.

There you have it, one quick and easy yarn wreath just in time for Christmas.

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