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Week 12 – The Animal -A-long Completed

When I first came up with the sloth all those many months ago (13 months to be precise), it was a project I kept putting on the back burner.

A good friend pushed me into writing these all up, and I can’t believe this will be the last post about the Animal-a-long!


This has moved from the dresser, to a bag to the dresser, to actually finishing it!

And boy, am I happy with it! Even better, I got the first use of it at the weekend, as it’s was cold (that never happens with any of my blankets – a little person always comes along and grabs it first!)

We now have 9 animal squares, and a header and footer.

So this week, we are joining it all together and adding a border.


What I forgot to tell you last time, you need to do the outside of the header and footer, like you have the squares – a border of HDC to help you fix it together. The same as before:

I did one HDC in the top of every stitch that was facing the right way, and 2HDC’s in the chain 2 gap.

In each corner, I made 2HDC chain 2 2HDC.

free zoo crochet pattern c2c, sloth off the hook for you

To join together, I went with a flat join.

Place the wrong sides together and using a 3.75mm crochet hook and working in the BACK LOOPS ONLY, slip stitch them together in the order of your choice.

Mine ended up being in an L shape of colours so no two colours were next to each other (Think like a knight moving in chess!)

Join the top and the bottom is exactly the same way.


Using SC, and purple, make 1 sc in each stitch around, and 1sc chain2 1 sc in each corner space. Fasten off.

Repeat with yellow and then green yarn.

zoo blanket c2c free pattern

Weave in ends.

Finally…….. 12 weeks for you, and 56 for me, we should all have a beautiful blanket!

crochet animal blanket free patterns c2c zoo

I hope you’ve enjoyed making this with me, please tag me on Instagram @offthehookforyou and #animlaalong as I can’t wait to see all these finished blankets!

Now I know what you are thinking – what am I going to do now?

That is where you are in luck. I’ve had another secret project for the summer, which I can shout about on Monday (9th September 2019)!!!!!!

zoo crochet free pattern off the hook for you

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