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Week 11 – The header and footer – Animal-a-long

We are nearly on the home straight! Only this week and next to go, and you will have your very own Animal blanket.

This week we have the headers and the footers. I spent a long time (far too long) deciding what these should actually say.

What would fit in with a Sloth, a llama, and a frog?

That was the question – I thought about Jungle friends – but then someone pointed out that a giraffe was the Savannah (as was a lion)

So what do you do?

Well, I decided that I was going to go with

Animal Friends

Using all the yarn colours you’ve had for your backgrounds, and then the colours you have chosen for the outline of the squares last week.

crochet alphabet chart cross stitch

The charts are below as always, if you want to do the same.

I also thought, if you wanted to make this as birth/christening gift, you could add the name and the Date of birth of the baby too – to make it completely personal.

free giraffe crochet pattern c2c blanket

So, I’ve made a whole alphabet and numbers – so you can design it yourself. Either use graph paper or use Stitch fiddle to make the chart to follow.

Animal crochet banner c2c blanket free pattern
friends banner paw print, crochet c2c blanket free

So the alphabet if you want to do the birth of a child:

monkey chart free crochet cross stitch c2c
crochet cross stitch alphabet chart free

There we have it, onto joining and the borders next week.

sloth crochet chart free c2c animal blanket

I hope you’ve had as much fun making this as I have, I’ve loved seeing your pictures on Social media, so don’t forget to tag me @offthehookforyou and use the # #animalalong and #offthehookforyou.

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