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Square borders- week 10 – animal-a-long

I’m a little late posting this one, 2 reasons.

It’s the school holidays and the pink one decided we should go swimming as its a glorious day, and number 2, I’ve been deciding what exactly to post!

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You see, the animals are done, but I have 2 banners to share to finish the blanket. But you need to make a very important decision colour wise.

All of the squares you have made need a border. This will help you sew it together neatly, and not have messy colour changes.

What colour you decide on for this, will also impact the top and bottom banners of the blanket.

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I chose cream – a safe and sensible option, mainly because I had 2 balls of it in my stash, and it seemed to go with everything!

A light grey would look amazing too, or a black (But if you go this route you are braver than me!).

So for every animal square, you need to add a border of HDC’s.


Using a 3.75mm hook, and cream yarn. Make a border of HDCs.

Now as we’ve done c2c rather than a traditional granny square, this will require your judgement on where it add them. As a guide, I did one HDC in the top of every stitch that was facing the right way, and 2HDC’s in the chain 2 gap.

In each corner I made 2HDC chain 2 2HDC.

So this week your CAL is to decide on the main colour for the banners of your blanket which will then give you the colour for the square borders. The crocheting this week, is to add the borders to the 9 squares.

I’m going to make this an easier week, as it’s a bank holiday here in the UK, and it’s going to be hot hot hot.

Next week you get the banners, and these are quite a lot of work and you’ve got more choices! I think we’ve got 2 weeks to go!

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