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Marvin the Monkey – week 7 – Animal-a-long

Week 7 and we now have monkey. Marvin the monkey to be precise, although he does look a lot like Curious George!

c2c chart monkey cross stitch crochet

This is one of my designs, and he does have rather lot of colour changes, but you’ll all be pro’s by now!

So what do you need to know?

crochet monkey

Well he uses the same colours you should already have from the panda and sloth, which you can get here.

So what are we waiting for?

crochet monkey

I finally took a photo part way through!

crochet monkey graph

And another one, just look at his little face!

crochet monkey c2c graph
c2c chart monkey cross stitch crochet

Marvin the Monkey

So don’t forgot to tag me, I love seeing all these animals, @offthehookforyou #offthehookforyou #animalalong

monkey crochet graph c2c
c2c monkey crochet chart