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Pansy the Panda – week 5 – Animal-a-long

Week 5 and this one is the half way mark for the animal squares.

How are you getting on? Keeping up?

So today, control has been taken back by the pink one, who designed this gorgeous little panda.

c2c panda crochet graph

She so reminds me of Sue from Sooty and Sweep!

Even better only 3 colours so not many changes needed which in turn = not many ends to sew in! (I can hear you cheering!)




c2c panda

I cracked on with this one,

crochet panda

and did my usual of forgetting to take any photos until I got the easy bit of just the green left to do!

crochet panda c2c graph

Then the ends…… oh the ends. Luckily not too many though!

crochet panda

So here she is, Pansy the Panda

c2c panda crochet graph

And the important bit if you are crocheting along, the chart.

Remember to tag me @offthehookforyou #offthehookforyou #animalalong

panda c2c cross stitch chart

So this is what you should have by now…….. 4 more animals to go!

animal blanket crochet

free panda graph pattern c2c crochet crochetalong animalalong cal offthehookforyou

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