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So I realised pretty much as soon as I’d pushed publish on my last post that I hadn’t actually included a picture of the yarn colours!

If you are going to raid your stash, then this is probably pretty helpful. So I’ve added it now.


I’ve tried to limit the number of colours you actually need, and designed the animals so that they use the same colours between them.

The backgrounds – it is completely your choice. I had the pastels in my stash so used these, plus a purple (any excuse to buy yarn)

yarn haul

If you wanted a bolder blanket, a red, bright blue, green and bright yellow with an orange/ purple would be great too!

Thats part of the fun of this project. I can’t wait to see what colours everyone picks.

The animals, well you need a black, white, 2 different greys, 2 creamy colours, and orange and 2 different browns, and a green!

Sloth yarn colours

Here are week one’s colours – just so you are prepared.

Remember – one post per week, published on a Friday at 4pm BST (UK time in the summer which is GMT + 1 hour).

I’d love to see what colours you choose, please tag me @offthehookforyou on Instagram and use the #offthehookforyou and #animalalong

Animalalong CAL

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