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The Big Knit Hat 16 – A tomato

When I started making these hats – little did I realise where my imagination would take me!

What I love most about making them is that they are so quick. Even with my making and them taking apart as they aren’t “quite “right, they still only take about 10-15 minutes a hat, and at 25p a go for Age Concern thats got to be good.

crochet tomato

So a tomato (yep my brain works in mysterious ways, although not as way out there as the Fried egg).


Oddments fo DK yarn in red (Stylecraft Life, and Khaki (Stylecraft Special DK)

3.5-4mm crochet hook



To Make – USA terms

Start with a basic hat as found here using red.

Tomato top

Using Khaki, make a stalk as per this post (But if you want quick instructions, ch5, make 1 sc in each chain each, then fold together and ss together to join.)

Star – Using Khaki, make a magic ring and chain 1. Make 10 SC in the ring, and pull closed and secure with a slip knot.

*Chain 4, now working back along the chain, ss in the 2nd chain from the hook, SC in the next chain, and HDC in the last chain. Skip one SC in the ring, and SS to join to the next SC. Repeat from the * four more time to give 5 points of a star.

crochet tomato

Sew the stalk to the star (Make sure the fronds of the star are pointing upwards), and then the star to the tomato top.

Voila -one little tomato hat!

Note – I struggled with a proper “tomato” colour yarn – if anyone knows of one, please let me know!

The Big Knit crochet patterns

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