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The Big Knit – Hat 14 – Raspberry

I’ve been awol for a couple of week, life just getting in the way of typing to be honest. Crochet is ongoing (Of course….. how could it not be), but finding the time to sit and type, take photos has been lacking the last 2 weeks.

My friend Sarah reminded me this morning, she wanted more hat patterns! She’s on a mission to make 1000 for Innocent Smoothies, so here goes pattern number 14!

innocent crochet hat


This one is based on the lambs hat – which you can find here.

And the stalk – which you can find here

The top bit of the fruit is the only new bit: So here goes

4mm hook,

oddment of DK yarn in green

To make (USA Terms)

Make a magic ring, chain 1, and make 10 SC in the ring, tighten and close with a SS

*Chain 5, in the 2nd chain from the end working back down the chain, make a SC, HDC, DC and TC, Skip one SC in the ring, and SS to the next. Repeat from the * 5 times in total (5 point star)

crochet raspberry

Sew the ends into all the parts, except one from the stalk (Save this for sewing together), then sew the stalk to the star, and the the star to the fruit.


innocent crochet hat

One raspberry

crochet raspberry
Innocent Smoothie hat patterns

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