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The Big knit – Hat 7 – Marvin the Mouse

So this is hat number 7. 7 hats in 7 days – and I only went and did it!

To be honest, I’ve gone a bit crazy, and have quite a few more lined up – but expect these a few days apart, as I have to get my other designs written up too!

It’s been great fun, and I have actually liked having a challenge to make myself write things down. A bit thank you to Sarah who asked me to do this, setting myself a target of making and actually writing something up in a time frame has been interesting! I’ve got a lot quicker at somethings, like uploading photos, pinterest, and actually adding my designs to Ravelry (Something I seem to forget!).

If you do make any little hats, I’d love it your tagged me on Instagram @offthehookforyou and use the #offthehookforyou

Thanks for following my little challenge

Marvin the mouse.

Mouse crochet hat


Make as per the frog, making the “eyes” using grey and pink to be ears.

Sew on the ears, slightly further apart on the head.

Sew 2 french knots in black for the eyes.

Using pink as the nose, sew over about 6 short pieces of white (Tip: It’s easier to sew longer bits in place and cut them down) for the whiskers.


innocent smoothies hat pattern

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