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The Big Knit – Hat 5 – Mickey and Minnie

It had to be done, I looked at the frog, and then wow betide me, picked up some black yarn.

Crocheting in black yarn is not the easiest, I think I alluded to the fact in my last post, with the black lamb.

But, as it seemed so logical after the frog, Minnie and Mickey were made.

Big knit crochet hat

So looking at the frog and Mickey – can you work it out? Yep, you’ve guessed it.

The main hat as per the main HDC pattern found here. Then ears made as per the frog, but only the “green” round.

big knit crochet hat mickey

Then very slight modifications:


Using a pink yarn, chain 14. Fold this in back on itself, so the ends meet in the middle. Using the tail, sew around the middle to secure, then using the other end use this to sew to the hat.


Using red yarn, complete row 8 of the pattern using red yarn.

big knit Mickey hat
big knit hats crochet

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