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The Big Knit – Froggy Malloo (Hat 2)

Hi, so time for Hat number 2 of “the Big Knit Week”, I love this little guy, and he’s super simply to make – even better in my opinion. Called Froggy Malloo, as for some reason thats what I’ve grown up calling frogs!

big knit crochet pattern


Using green DK yarn and a 3.5mm (ish) hook Make as per the basic pattern found here.

Eyes make 2 of each part

Note: If you want to save yourself time (and yarn!), use the ends of the crochet to do all you sewing

Using green, MR, Ch2, 6 HDC in ring.

Round 2: Ch2, HDC at base of chain, 2 HDC in each st around. [12sts]

Fasten off

Using white, MR, Ch2, 6 HDC in the ring,  fasten off.

Sew a french knot using black on to the white of the eye.  Then sew the white to the green, and the green onto the head.

For 2 of the ones below I sewed the eyes together in the middle too, using the green ends – the choice is yours!

A little froggy hat!

big knit crochet pattern

Please tag me in your posts, I love seeing what everyone has made. #offthehookforyou and @offthehookforyou on good on Instagram.

If you want to save this later – pin it here!

big knot crochet pattern frog
Big knit crochet pattern frog

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