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Foundation Half Double Crochet

Most of my designs that start with a straight line will start with a FHDC – Foundation half double crochet (US) or (FHTr) Foundation half treble crochet (UK) rather than a chain.

Starting with foundation HDC

Like for example, the V-Stitch hat, The cute little dress for Simply crochet, The jumper for Crochet Now, or the shark and mermaid blankets.

It confuses a lot of people, but it is so handy to know how to do this stitch as a way to start.

You can of course start with a chain, but this way – there are NO twisted chains!

Foundation half double crochet

You know where you are going to crochet as the chain is made as you go along.

It gives you a super smooth edge, much nicer than when you chain and make your stitches into the chain.

It’s my stitch of choice definitely, so I’ve made this handy video to share it with you.

Here you go, Foundation Double Crochet – the how to guide!

(So I’ve shown you how to do this stitch…….. that must mean a new pattern is coming soon…. here’s a little sneaky peak!)

Foundation half double crochet
Foundation half double crochet

3 thoughts on “Foundation Half Double Crochet

  1. I have just discovered this foundation! I love it. I am trying to start a blanket that I am doing from a graph chart. I need to have 144 stitches, so would I do 144 of these? I’m just a bit confused as to extra chains etc to keep the sides of my project straight. I love the bottom edge of this, it’s beautiful.

    1. Do a chain 3 then 143 of these (the chain 3 counts as number one!). Keeping chains straight – I’m about to do another video on this – but a good tip is place a stitch maker in the top of the chain 3 at the beginning or each row, that way you’ll remember to do a stitch in there too!

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