Hello, If you read my last post you’ll have seen that we had a rather different Christmas to usual – down under as they say in Australia.

Here is a quick look at some of the holiday pictures, so I can get it out of my system, or you’ll be seeing them for weeks! We flew into Adelaide, as thats where Mr OTH’s brother lives. We were all very excited, and even more so, when we went out into the garden, and saw this little guy sat in a tree maybe 20 metres away. Literally we’d been there all of 5 minutes, and already one super iconic animal of Australia sat there for us!

Day 2, and rather jet lagged, we headed to a local beach. It was absolutely stunning. We walked from one town to another, about 2 KM.

On the way back, this plane kept flying circuits over the beach, so we asked why. “The shark spotter” was the reply. The little people at this point are walking along a sand bank in the sea.

“Oh, what does it do?” I replied.

“A siren goes off if they see a shark to warn you to get out of the sea. I’ve only heard it go off once, 10 years ago” my BIL said.

So the next thing we hear is the shark siren! Shark spotted, everyone out of the water! (So a shark and a koala in 24 hours!).

We then headed to Melbourne to see Louise, which I’ve already written about here.

Back in Adelaide, and time to amuse the little people again. There was this great park with a paddling pool which we visited. Just look at the huge shade covering the area.

Then one of the absolute highlights of my trip. Anyone who knows anything about wine will have heard of Penfolds. They make am amazing red wine called Grange which sells for hundreds of pounds a bottle.

Magill Estates

Well this is the view from Magill Estates, where Grange is made, and even better, my BIL works there, so we had a private tour of the wine making area, from an amazing guy. I loved it as it combined science with wine – what could be better!

Penfolds wine tasting magill estates

What visit to a vineyard is completely without a little bit of tasting too! Yes, Mr OTH did get to try Grange too – and he was very impressed.

Another highlight of the trip, which I never thought I’d say – The BBL – or Big Bash League, or 20:20 cricket!

The Adelaide Oval, and time to watch a Strikers Match. Having never followed Cricket, I can say I was very impressed. The kids loved it, I loved it, Mr OTH loved it! Cheering 4’s and 6’s, free stuff for the kids, and great presents of Strikers shirts for the kids from BIL and SIL makes this such a great memory.

The Strikers lost, but it was still a great match, and we went again on New Years Eve. Just look at this view from the top of the Oval.

Boxing Day was hot, super hot, but we’d decided to go on a walk. Wow….. just look at who we saw. 50+ kangaroos all grazing, and they didn’t really care we were there.

The sunset looking back over Adelaide was beautiful too.

We headed to the Beach in Normanville for a few days. The beach was again glorious, beach cricket and sunsets.

Just beautiful. We went of a very short walk to a waterfall too. We stupidly had no “proper” shoes with us, and no one was sure there would actually be any water as it was summer! Luckily there was a bit!

From the quietness of Normanville, we had New Year at the cricket, before heading to Sydney for a few nights. This truly is the most stunning place.

The Iconic views from Mrs Macquaries Point.

We walked here via the Botanical Garden, I still can’t get over how this city has such a huge green space.

We then headed to the Sydney Museum, which was a treasure trove of information. It was built on the site of the first Governor of NSW, which was knocked down in 1968 and a car park put on top of it, until it was discovered again, and turned into a great site of historical interest.

We learnt about the Aboriginals, and how luckily they didn’t kill Governor Phillip with the spear, or Sydney as we know it might never have existed!

The site where the Opera house is built is called Beenelong Point, after one of the first aboriginals who was involved in the British settling in Sydney.

We caught the fast ferry to Manly, where it was a totally different story with the number of people on a beach!

We went to the Chinese garden, on the way to the Powerhouse Museum, it was beautiful and so tranquil. We spent a lot of our time looking out for these guys!

We went past a yarn shop too! So I did drag everyone in to have a little browse!

Just look at those socks – still on my list to knit some socks!

See the little dot by the pointy stick – its a bat!

One absolute highlight for me, was watching the Flying Foxes come over Circular Quay at dusk. Suddenly just realising they weren’t birds but bats was brilliant!

Last day, and we went on an Opera House tour. The architecture is amazing. Just learning about how they built it, how long it took, how it was a competition, and that the architect never got to see it finished due to politics!

So many brilliant memories made in such a small space of time!

Now, back to crochet!

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