12 New Crafts

New craft number 12 – Cross Stitch

So, by the skin of my teeth, I have tried 12 new crafts in 12 months.  weaving, spinning, lettering, jewellery making, you name it I tried it!

Craft number 12, well it’s not really a new one for me, so I may well have cheated a little, but it is a craft I haven’t picked up in over 15 years – so it does kind of count!

Cross Stitch.  I used to do it all the time, and can even remember spending my birthday money aged about 8 on the things I needed to do it.

But it was the first time cross stitching for the little people.  It’s amazing what you just remember and know, but they both were started off.  (I’m not showing you what they are making, as that’s for another crochet project next year).

Deep in concentration, they both sewed away for a good 2 hours, as did I.

It was a really good afternoon.  I’m the only one that finished their project however!

The Pink ones efforts
cross stitch giraffe
cross stitch giraffe

Any guesses what it is?

cross stitch giraffe
cross stitch giraffe

More clues?

Then for the back stitch!  This really made him pop!

cross stitch giraffe

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