12 New Crafts

New craft number 11 – Brush stroke lettering

It’s nearly the end of the year, and I’m frantically running out of time to complete my 12 new crafts in 12 months. 

So, last week, I attended a brush stroke lettering workshop at The Makers’ Cabin with Gemma from @motherwild.

This lady is superduper talented, and it was great to take 2 hours off from “life” and treat myself to something so out of my comfort zone.

At the beginning of the year, I tried calligraphy, classic calligraphy.  It was great, but I think my lack of artistic ability, and the preciseness of the letter formation made this an impossible things to me to master.  I think with time (that magic thing we have none of it appears), I may have got there, but my handwriting is so loopy anyway, I was hoping that Brush stroke lettering might be the way forward for me.

We did the same kind of drills, down strokes and up strokes, circles, and basically trying to retrain your hand to do “proper” writing.

I managed these, even if I did overthink it completely.

Next were the letters, and I loved doing this bit.

So much fun, then going onto to joining them, without overthinking.

I was feeling pretty festive – can you tell? 

Then came the hard bit, we could practice a quote to do on posh card, I’d found a couple I really liked.

“Get shit done” – as a lot of the time I spend faffing (Take this morning for example, it’s 12.30pm, I haven’t really accomplished much!)  and “Crochet is my happy place” as it is.

Now what I haven’t said, is I really struggled with the S, R and C’s.  

Look at my quotes again, and you’ll see the problem.

I tried and tried, and got better, before completely overthinking, and trying to hard, and I lost my ability to even write at this point!

So I’ve cheated, and taken the other ladies great quotes, and stunning handwriting examples here.

I will do my quote, I’m sure of it, just need to be in the right mind to actually start it.  I much preferred this to calligraphy, and I do hope I’m able to practice it to actually make use of it.

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