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Whirlette Wonders Infinity Cowl

It’s getting cold here in the UK, and last year I made myself an infinity cowl, and never got around to writing it up.

My famous words are, when anyone sees me wearing something I’ve made.

I’m honestly starting to sound like a broken record!

So, finally, I have sat down to let you know how you can make your own infinity cowl.

I love an infinity cowl, so much more practical I think than a scarf.  With a scarf I spend half the time putting it back over my shoulders when I invariably lean one way or another!

Yarn choice here was absolutely key.   I don’t know about you, but sometimes acrylic yarn, although nice and warm, can get really really sweaty – not pleasant!

I popped over to see my local yarny friend, who just happens to own an online yarn shop (not good for the bank balance), and had a look at her new arrivals.

This time I was very restrained, and came back with a lovely little Whirlette from Scheepjes, and some Soft Fun (For another project in the above category).

The key to this project is knowing how to corner to corner crochet – and luckily, if you’ve seen my last post post I show you exactly how to do it!


But it’s easier to add another link here to stop you going backwards and forwards with links!

This has been my crochet in the car / swimming pool project for a while, and it’s so methodic, when you get into a rhythm with it.

I made 2 cowls, 1 Mustard (My absolute favourite colour) and 1 Teal (to go with my mustard coat as mustard on mustard isn’t good!).

So both cowls use only 1 Ball /Cake and luckily I’ve done the maths for you so you don’t loose out playing yarn chicken (Like I did – only 6 blocks to go!)

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 Whirlette Wonders Mustard Infinity Cowl you will need:

4mm hook

1 Mango whirlette 



The pattern is worked corner to corner (Like the video), USA Double crochet (UK Treble crochet) for a total of 14 blocks up, and 86 wide.

As you are making a rectangle, you will not be increasing the side with 14 blocks after you get to 14, so just Slip stitch across the stitches to move your yarn over to the correct place to start.

Place the right sides together, and crochet along the 14 blocks using slip stitch.


One thing to note, it being crochet, it will stretch slightly, so when I started wearing it (It’s first outing was to the ballet to see The Nutcracker with the Pink one), it was 2 wraps around my neck.

But now, it’s 3 wraps around, a few months later.

Whirlette Wonders Teal Inifinty Cowl:

3.5mm Hook

1 whirlette in Blueberry



Again, Corner to Corner, USA Double crochet, this one, as a smaller hook, has more squares.

14 blocks by 92 blocks.

2 thoughts on “Whirlette Wonders Infinity Cowl

  1. i agree with you about a cowl. You don’t have to worry about it falling off. The scarves look nice but don’t stay put. thanks for sharing the pattern! will try c2c in the future and will use your video:)

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