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Cygnet Seriously Chunky Metallics – Yarn review

It’s not a surprise to anyone to discover that I like love chunky yarn.    Why?

Well it’s because you can make something super quickly!

I think I’m fundamentally a lazy crafter, give me a 10 or 12 mm hook and some nice thick yarn and I’ll be super happy.  I think this is part of the reason I’m a crocheter, not a knitter by choice as you can make something so quickly with crochet.

I treated myself, I spent an absolute fortune on some new yarn released by Cygnet.    I say new yarn, and it was when I got it initially.  Remember the cardigan I made my Mum in under 9 hours?  Well this was when I bought the yarn, 10 balls  (20 of the Zinc) of each of the colours, Lead, Magnesium, and Platinum  – even the names just make me want to crochet with it!

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I love this yarn, it is so smooth, and works up so quickly.

So why am I telling your about this now, when it’s been in my stash for coming up to 8 months.  Well, Cygnet, only went and released a couple of new colours, that I just had to have too.


Just look at this red.  Think Christmas, think luxury, think quick projects, and you’d be pretty much spot on with this yarn.  The colour is AMAZING!

But then saying this, so is their GOLD, and yes, I have had a little play with this one already too!  Think shiny mustard, this seasons go to colour.

So where can you buy this?  Snufflebean Yarn of course.  Only £2.94 a ball, and she’s tax free if you are outside of the EU too.

I’ve designed a few patterns with this amazing yarn, which I hope to release over the next few days/ weeks (when I remember – lets be honest now given my history lately).

So as not to spoil completely my big reveal (If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve had a sneaky peak).  Think winter wearables, and a couple of fun projects!

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